Forget your blessings and forget your worth

Why do we allow ourselves to break? How hard is it to believe we’re capable of great things? That we’re worthy of blessings? That we’re worthy of living?

The Imposter and her healing

When you force yourself to believe that you’re strong and independent, and make others believe it too, it gets pretty hard to accept that you need help.

On mind games and relationships worth having

In a perfect world, everyone just says what they mean and mean what they say. We give without conditions or fear of rejection because that’s who we are.

TRAVEL: Solo Flight Tips from Philippines to Maldives with AirAsia

Here are some tips I have for solo travelers flying to the Maldives from the Philippines, and reasons why the upgrades are worth the peso. 

Convincing people on your hard work

I’ve reached 1 MILLION VIEWS on the digital video I did for Ford Philippines! I’d like to celebrate by responding to all comments on this video. Starting with the one that says … Read More Convincing people on your hard work

Kwentong Jollibee 2018: Status

It’s been so surreal knowing that so many people relate to it. It’s truly inspired by a true story because it’s mine. Now I realize, it’s everyone’s.


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