The Universe between you and I

The Universe

My dear,

I feel everything.

I feel the weight on your shoulders with each sigh you make.

I feel the immense chaos right between your ears.

I feel your trembling lips. There’s so much you want to say.

I feel the heavy silence. It’s is as deafening as much as you say it is precious.

It is a blessing to be this perceptive of people. We have been blessed with the ability to be beyond understanding and to love altruistically and genuinely because we see and feel things from all fronts. We put value in perspective and revel in each other’s endless thoughts.

It is such a curse to be this perceptive of people. We have been cursed to empathize in such a painful magnitude. To comprehend words, especially the ones unspoken. We are connected and feel the burden of each other’s troubles in synchrony.

They say that the greatest illusion of this world is the illusion of separation. We are all interconnected and we feel each other’s actions and emotions like fresh wounds on our own skin no matter how high we build our walls.

The Universe, imagined as a vast and open space, is the wall we have built between us. But it’s an illusion when we say that it keeps us apart.

There is the heavy silence that is more precious than it is deafening.

There are stars that tremble like your lips, and every thousand years, it explodes into a hundred words that are either beautiful or harrowing.

There is an immense chaos between the moons and planets. The push and pull to and fro each other, the swirling in an endless orbit seems to mirror the mess between your ears.

However, there is no gravity.

In this Universe between you and I, I hope you feel just as weightless as you are safe. I hope you realize that this beautiful, chaotic galaxy between us is, in fact, an illusion and that with each sigh you make, you are relieved of the burden that has been pulling you down.


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