Hey there!

Sino si Cat (Tagalog for “Who is Cat?”) is all abot my journey towards true meaning in life and love.

I am also an environmentalist, mental health advocate, public speaker, diver (and so on and so forth).

Welcome to my life!

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Who’s that Girl?

Environmentalist, mental health advocate, licensed diver, public speaker, and digital strategist – Cat Triviño is the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of mental health and wellbeing organization MindNation, and Branding Lead for environmental and human welfare non-profit CORA Philippines.

In 2018, Cat was named HerStyle Asia’s 30 under 30 Women Who Will Change the World, 30 under 30 Cannes Young Marketers. She has also received the Gold Effie’s, numerous Philippine Quill, Anvils, etc.

She’s known for her contribution in her advocacies, and exceptional work in the digital marketing landscape for viral Philippine campaign “Kwentong Jollibee”.

Her advocacy in mental health stems from her personal journey and struggle from anxiety and depression. It has led her to a lifelong commitment to fight for mental healthcare accessibility and affordability, and all its intersectional dimensions – gender equity, women empowerment, youth leadership, and purpose-building.

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Recent Posts

Forget your blessings and forget your worth

Why do we allow ourselves to break? How hard is it to believe we’re capable of great things? That we’re worthy of blessings? That we’re worthy of living?

The Imposter and her healing

When you force yourself to believe that you’re strong and independent, and make others believe it too, it gets pretty hard to accept that you need help.

Kwentong Jollibee 2018: Status

It’s been so surreal knowing that so many people relate to it. It’s truly inspired by a true story because it’s mine. Now I realize, it’s everyone’s.


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