There are many wonderful ways we can collaborate to make this world safer and more sustainable.
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Ocean Conservation

No water, no life. Help protect the ocean we all depend on. Let’s work together for coastal cleanups, sustainability talks, and more!

Mental Health

I’m on a mission to make mental healthcare accessible and affordable. Partner with me for mental health talks and opportunities to provide therapy to those in need.

Isla Verde

The Philippines is the center of the center of marine biodiversity in the world. It’s in the Verde Island Passage to be exact, and the community of Isla Verde need our support. Work with me to provide livelihood opportunities!

That was the best Mental Health talk that I have ever attended!!! Thank you for being generous and brave in sharing your own personal experience. So heart warming, enlightening and inspiring. 

— Mental Health Talk Attendee

A glimpse into her online presence will make you think she’s all glitz and glamour, but just an hour with her proved to me just how hard she worked to get to her spot—and how down-to-earth she actually is. The road to success wasn’t exactly an easy one for Cat; in fact, it’s one that a lot of us might be able to relate to.


“The panel session that you conducted, “Women TekDiving Challenges” was, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the very best panel sessions that I’ve ever seen, not only at ADEX but elsewhere. The questions that you put and your control of the session were admirable.”

— David Strike, former Field editor Asian Diver Magazine

“I have watched and listened to you more than you know, and am impressed with how you not only study your speakers beforehand, but at how you listen to your panelists and segue with relevance and without effort. It is my honor to have you intro and moderate on all my talks. All that comes from sincerity, and any convention is lucky to have a shining gem as you.”

— Alex Santos, Technical diving instructor (PhilTech)