Convincing people on your hard work

I’ve reached 1 MILLION VIEWS on the digital video I did for Ford Philippines!

I’d like to celebrate by responding to all comments on this video. Starting with the one that says that he “wasn’t convinced” cause I was #privileged.


1. “Not convinced. Privileged.”


To some extent, yes I have been privileged.

I have been very lucky to have such hardworking parents put my siblings and I through great schools. We have food on the table three times a day, we are clothed and we have a roof over our heads. I’ve also been lucky to have met with people at the right place and at the right time.

But here’s where it differs.

I don’t really need to convince you that I have worked hard for my success. Even some of the most privileged don’t enjoy the same kind of opportunities and wins I have had simply because they don’t put in the work. My family is no elite and my siblings and I were brought up knowing that if we wanted something, we had to earn it.

I acknowledge all my privileges but I am in no way entitled, and I refuse to be. Everything worth having takes grit, guts, hard work, and a relentless drive. To keep that for the long haul is even harder.

Also, try being a woman at my age in any industry. When you’re automatically passed judgment for simply being young and a girl, you know you have to put your nose to the grindstone and prove people wrong EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

So boy, unless you’re any of that, you have no right to call girls like me out on “privilege”.

2. “First thing she said ‘I LIKE PROVING PEOPLE WRONG’… I already feel bad for the guy she’s with/will be with… Haha.”


Speaking of proving people wrong…


Onyok, I don’t really have time for weak-minded guys who think it’s such an unfortunate thing to have strong, independent women by their side. I actually feel bad for guys who have such low standards.

My girls, the great Nicki Minaj once said: “Earn what you have. It’s not cool to be a loser. Go to school, graduate, get your own. Because when it’s all said and done, they can say whatever they want to say about you, but they can’t take it from you. Stop giving them goodies away to every [guy]. They ain’t worth it.”

#3 “She’s a total 10 on a 1-10 scale, you need to be a superman to date her.” + “Tatandang dalaga yan (She will grow up to be an old maid.)”


Whenever I’m asked about the things that I do and I talk to them about it (albeit casually, and I promise, never in a boastful way), I will always get one of the following (if not all) comments:

a. “Wow, high maintenance ka pala.” (I didn’t know you were high maintenance!)

b. “Kaya ka walang boyfriend / love life eh.” (That’s why you have no boyfriend / love life!)

c. “Ang intense mo.” (You’re intense!)

d. “Nakakalalaki ka.” ( You’re insulting my manhood.)

At this point, I now make no effort to hide my eye roll. I really appreciate the recognition of my strengths and how one may feel as if they need to step up to the plate to date women like me. I take these comments as filters, separating more meaningful people from the insecure. Thank you, Earl for a 10/10 rating, I feel like a blockbuster movie.

And a special shout-out to those who still think that marriage and child-bearing is the end all and be all of life as a woman. Girls, you do you. Let no one define your worth and keep going for gold!

“I don’t need a ring around my finger to make me feel complete.” – Pussycat Dolls lol

#4 “Cat? I shall call you wiswiswiswis”


I actually responded to this one.

And yes, I will respond to wiswiswiswis.

#5 “Jiu-jitsu won’t do you good in a street fight, but avoiding and running can.”


Fight me.

Please do tell us more about how to avoid a street fight. I’m sure a lot of people who have been victimized by similar street violence would love to hear about it.

I also want to see you try running from a man with a gun.

Let me also just plug this in, for those who want to get into jiu-jitsu, join TEAM VALORES (! 😉

#6 It takes a gutt heaven defying guy…

Please see comment #3.
I am also not a “high peak to be conquered”, but I see your point. Haha.

#7 Horseback riding in Tagaytay



Have any thoughts to these comments? Personal experiences? Additional advice? Leave a comment below or shoot me a DM on Facebook or Instagram (@sinosicat).


xx C

8 responses to “Convincing people on your hard work”

  1. Making your way to put an effort to make a blogpost to all of the people who insulted you in your ford video did give you time to bash the “weak-minded” guys. The way I see it, if you really don’t care about what people think about you, you wouldn’t even make an effort to make this. You don’t need to prove anyone wrong if you know what your strengths and talents are. Seems to me, you really do care what people

    • You’ve missed the point by a mile. This isn’t about proving what my strengths and talents are. If I wanted to do that, I would’ve just published my resume. 😉

      This is for people who THINK like you.
      This is for those who think that it’s such a bad thing for a woman to be strong and independent that instead of feeling proud, he feels pity.

      You see, I put effort in this the same way I do with everything so get used to it. More importantly, I do this because there are many just like me who face the same kind of insults and ridiculous comments every day. I published this to remind these wonderful, beautiful, strong and independent girls that they can and should SHUT DOWN haters like you.

      If being called weak-minded insults you, then maybe next time, you should think before you speak.

  2. Weak sauce is kinda beta but the dude kinda has a point tho. I bet if you give zero fucks, you won’t make this long ass boring post.

  3. Hey Lito, commenting on my page can be such a pain so I will oblige and respond to your effort. 🙂

    It did take the video getting a million views for me to start responding. I most likely wouldn’t have if it didn’t get to that number. But some of the comments are nothing new and like I mentioned to that other guy, I didn’t want this to stop other girls like me. Did I take anything as truth? Do I lose sleep over it? No and no.

    I really would also love to have made this shorter and more exciting for you as a reader, but this is my style.

    • I know you didn’t lose any sleep over it. But you just have to explain yourself in a post lol. How ironic tho.

  4. Saddened to see the comments from others here and on the FB page. But thank you for taking your stand and giving that much needed perspective that others can fail to see. Keep going.

  5. Saddened to see the comments from others here and on the FB page. But thank you for taking your stand and giving that much needed perspective that others can fail to see. Keep going.

    PS: So cool that you do BJJ! No-gi as well? (my preference)

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