Beauty Product Must-Haves for Morenas

This August, I will be challenging myself to blog EVERY WEEK. To make it easier for my first few weeks, I will be answering some questions and taking on some challenges over the Comments Section of this blog (or via Instagram Direct Message, so follow me on IG: @sinosicat)!

Let’s get started?

Q: What are your top beauty product must-haves for morenas?


It usually takes so long to get a full human face on in the morning. To actually get this full human face to function requires two servings of iced coffee, and to get it to look nice? Another story. For today, I will be narrowing down my beauty requirements down to three items.



Nothing says “shameless, sleepless nights well-hidden” like a really good concealer. I do two huge inverted triangles under both eyes and one straight line on the nose bridge and blend with my Happy Skin Beauty Blender. I did a recent haul with Beauty delivery site, BeautyMNL and found THE PERFECT CONCEALER for morena girls like me. Pinays with my type of skin color usually have such a hard time getting the right match, and when we do find one, they’re usually too expensive! I recommend: Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (I use Deep Ponce), you can get it for P199.



I only discovered the wonders of a cheek stain at a beach shoot for a local watch brand I did recently. When I’m at the beach, I get this nice toasty tan, but it usually makes me look like this one-dimensional cardboard character than my peg bronzed sun goddess. Too much melanin, not enough blood supply! I now put cheek stain right across my cheeks and across my nose to achieve a flushed glow. My BeautyMNL haul came with a perk from Skin Genie, I got my delivery with free Lip and Cheek Stain in Tulip Red (it’s also just P80).



Do I really have to explain myself here?

I’m currently obsessing over Maybelline Lash Sensational (P349). It doesn’t clot even with too many coats, and it keeps the curl so your eyes look bright and alive (even if you feel totally dead inside). Wait, what?

DISCLAIMER: I did not include an eyebrow set because I have a full set of brows (whew!) and usually just keep it groomed. But I do have Maybelline Fashion Brow 3D Palette (P349), just in case!

And in case you haven’t noticed — I’ve been gushing over my new favorite online escape (and possibly the death to my savings), BeautyMNL. They have great NEXT DAY shipping of orders for those within Metro Manila, and the site is designed in such a way that Filipinas like you and me get to see top recos, best sellers, etc!


That’s it for WEEK 1!

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