If you ever feel lost

Stop telling yourself that it’s okay that you’re only called when it’s convenient when you know it’s not. Stop telling yourself that the Universe has conspired against you. Stop telling yourself that you don’t have a choice.

Start telling yourself that you deserve better, and that you deserve to be loved and cared for especially during the most inconvenient times — during times when it’s hard and confusing, during the times when you’re about to break down, during the times you’re about to give up. Start believing that the Universe only follows the vibes and the attitude you exude, and the Universe listens intently and provides generously. Start believing that life is all about choices and that everyday you are given the choice to either stop, pause, or go. Maturity is not measured not in how long you’ve been living, but in the decisions you make. Maturity is measured in how you take full responsibility of the outcomes of your decision (or indecision).

This is not about selfishness or entitlement. This is about understanding yourself, knowing what you want, and standing your ground. Do not allow your value to be measured based on someone’s inability to see your worth.  This is not about blaming and punishing yourself for your poor life choices, but learning to embrace them as flaws that make you who you are and, more importantly, standing up and learning from them. This is not about finding the right person but being the right person — not for anyone else but yourself. This is about acceptance. This is about respect.

This is a note to self.

“You have quickly become my everything and I am sometimes left wondering how I could have possibly done without you all those years. There are days when I wish I’d known you earlier but I know that God makes all things beautiful in His time.” – Nikki Gil


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