Bali Life: Simple Feasts and First Trips in Seminyak and Kuta

This one has actually taken me a while to post, because I was grieving over the loss of the memories I had over my Note 4 when I accidentally budged it during encryption. 🙁

But, alas, here we are.

Last September I, along with fellow blogger MJ De Leon, flew all the way to the beautiful Bali, Indonesia on the wings of Cebu Pacific Air. It was a smooth four-hour trip and we were treated to tasty in-flight Chicken Curry meal (I can actually still remember the taste distinctly. Masarap, in fairness).

We landed Denpasar Airport a bit before lunch and was picked up by our hotel shuttle. Can I just say, the Denpasar Airport was quite a sight. I knew I was in for four days of wonder.

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We had just enough time to catch a quick grub by Brown & Butter in Kuta. MJ and I were lucky enough to get to meet our lovely host, Cindy of Avilla Hospitality @avillabali. She gave us a tour of the hotel where Brown & Butter was located, Berry Biz.

With every corner totally photo and Instagram-worthy, Brown & Butter is a place I’d see to be quite a hit back in Manila. With tables fit for co-working, WiFi, and great food and coffee, this is the young businessman’s hub, true to its hotel’s purpose.

The food is straight to the point. No frills, just tasty Bali comfort food ranging from 30 – 100k Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), which is roughly about 120 – 400 PHP (1 PHP = 290 IDR as of this writing).

Click here to check out BerryBiz’ Brown & Butter Menu

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After our short meet-up with Cindy, we were brought to Kokonut Suites in Seminyak to check-in, freshen up, and head to our first Bali beach sighting (and then some)! I’ll be writing about our hotels separately.

I don’t doubt why people would recommend Potato Head Beach Club, Bali. It is possibly the most chill place I’ve been to in the whole trip.


As we went through the hallway of window panels, MJ and I were unprepared for the sight we were about to see.



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I actually had some Instagram content plan going on prior to this, but I broke it cause… swimsuit selfie. Haha. Would you believe that I got this piece from SM for 600 PHP? That place has some gold.

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Anyways, back to Bali. Had a bit of spirit, the Kookaburra, Potato Head’s specialty drink. It’s a delicious lemongrass gin and homemade vanilla sugar muddled with mint leaves and fresh lime layered with passion fruit and vanilla foam. It’s as tasty as it sounds — a fancier, tangier mojito.



Then, ran to the beach. MJ and I were each other’s designated photographer, of course. MJ, thank you for the patience and for stopping me from rolling around the sand ala Sports Illustrated. Haha.



Surfers’ paradise: People come down here not for the sand or water quality, but the spectacular waves. 

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No, kidding. I have dreams of this place.

After watching the Bali sunset, we went out to get quesadillas and tacos in a nearby Mexican restaurant, Mexicola. Perfect nightcap. 🙂


Mexicola photo from



We went back to our hotel in Kokonut Suites, extremely excited for what await us tomorrow.

Music of that day: Run Away with Me by Carly Rae Jepsen (Chicks, I know!) and Are you Gonna be my Girl? by Jet 😉

xx C

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  1. I was mind blown on this Cat! Seriously! I never thought Bali can be these idyllic and dreamy. And the beaches are way too hot for me to handle! 🙂 I should work on my body for it to be #beachperfect before the next summer! 🙂 Hope to travel with you soon! 🙂 Miss you heaps!

    – JL , []

  2. Beautiful Bali ..Cannot wait to visit! What a thrill to tandem with someone who’s also a photographer. All the pictures look great!

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