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The lines that intersect

Sometimes it feels a little too odd. Too odd that we were fortunately (and unfortunately) in the same place at the same time. Too odd that we knew of each others existence despite knowing nothing about each other a few moons back. Whether it is something written in the stars or set in place by a force more powerful than you and I, it … Read More The lines that intersect


The “Self” in Selfless

  We’ve told ourselves time and time again how love is so abstract and almost always irrational. But what defines love or the level of love we are in is dependent on how much we love ourselves. You might say it’s selfish. For someone you imagine spending the rest of your life with, you’d think: what’s there to be rational about? You’d give your … Read More The “Self” in Selfless


A few months back, I published a post on this blog about why I joined a beauty contest. I remember typing it from my phone while I was on the road back home from Pampanga with two major competitions done. I will be honest, it wasn’t a dream to be part of any of this unlike most of the girls in the competition. And … Read More MUTYA NG PILIPINAS 2013