The latest Kwentong Jollibee Valentine Series, #KwentongJollibee2018 has once again reached viral status — amassing over 60 Million in reach with a total of 26 Million views. It’s like de ja vu!

I’ve been reading all comments on “Status”, the story of a certain Kat Pascual, who finds true love within and in those around her. And man, it’s been so surreal knowing that so many people relate to it.

It’s truly inspired by a true story because it’s mine. And I now realize, it’s everyone’s story. If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is —

Now let me share with you the full story that inspired Status. Please feel free to share with me your STATUS stories, too! I would love to read them. 🙂


I’ve been single for a while. And it’s not like I don’t try. I’ve gone date after date after date. Sabi nila, collect and select nga, diba? But no one ever warned me of the heartbreaks that came with it.

“I don’t want to be serious”
“Let’s just see how this goes.”
“You put too much effort in this, and I can’t give you the same thing.”
“This isn’t going to work out”
“I have a girlfriend”
“I think you’re a great girl, you’re really someone long-term, but the timing is wrong.”

Other times, they just disappear from the face of the Earth. Ghosting.

I don’t know which hurts more – being told you’re not the one for them or not even being respected enough to be told so.

I’ve learned to manage rejection. My parents have always told me never to cry because of a boy, and I myself believed that I’m better than that. I thought no one could hurt me even if they tried.

But I broke down.

One day, I just got to my condo and my sister welcomed me by saying she had made dinner. She was most likely going on about her about her day but my mind was just somewhere else. After I sat down, I could just feel the weight of all the rejection and pain I’ve faced not just by one guy but by all guys in general. Their words started flashing back in my head. I couldn’t hold back my tears.

“Is it bad timing? Was I not enough? Is there something wrong with me?” If I was so great, if I was such a “catch”, why don’t they stay? Why can’t I get anyone to stay and take me seriously?”

And I just cried. My sister ran to me and hugged me and asked me whats wrong. I just said to her that I was so tired.

I was tired of always having to put my best foot forward. I don’t think I could ever date someone I don’t genuinely care about, and so having people in and out your life just like that hurts me. And at an age where half of my friends are settling down, I’d often think about my choices — choosy ba ako? Why do I keep choosing the same temporary people? I battered myself with blame and I’ve never felt my lowest.

I went home to my parents, as usual. I didn’t want them seeing that I was troubled by something that I’m sure they’ll find so petty. But that weekend I came home, I saw something different. I knew I ‘d always expect my car cleaned over the weekend, but as I stood outside thinking, I watched my dad washing my car. Inside the house, my mom would nag about me not eating breakfast and go on about why it’s not good for me to skip meals. My phone has kept buzzing from group chats, tags in memes and funny videos, and my best friend would — even if she knew I had gone home to the province — check on me and ask me where I am. This was the love that I deserved and I was looking for something that I already had in the wrong places, in the wrong people.

I’ve always felt that I was so sure of myself, but never have I been more comfortable in saying, “This is enough. I am enough.” That maybe kilig doesn’t necessarily come in the form of bright-eyed suitors with blank promises, that maybe it’s never wrong timing, but really just the wrong people, that maybe love isn’t a puzzle and I have to find “my missing piece” or better half to feel complete. Maybe I’ve been complete all along and it’s about time I be the one for me.

xx C

5 Comments on “Kwentong Jollibee 2018: Status

  1. Wait so they actually base this off real people and real stories? Although a lot of the scenarios are realistic, I’m kinda scared that someone out there just ate food left in their lockers. But I digress. This was actually my favorite from this Feb’s series because it’s true for everyone (no matter what their status is), love’s never absent in your life. You just have to look in the right places. I’m glad that you did, too. 🙂

    • Hi Teesh! Yes they’re inspired by real stories!!! By inspired ofcourse, there’s creative license to some scenes. Other than eating food left in the lockers, getting the food to the locker is a pretty tough thing to do too. Haha! I’m really glad this was your favorite. <3

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