#AbiSyrprise: Hongkong Bachelorette Surprise (Teaser)


A few weeks ago, we surprised one of our best friends, Abi to a Hong Kong trip she will never forget. We’ve all been dreaming about traveling the world together and have been “planning to” since heaven knows when, and we were all so glad we finally got to do this! Thanks to Kim, the fiance, Abi was well prepared for an overnight stay in Tagaytay with nothing but fur slippers and a bunch of workout clothes. 😂
Abi is such a wonderful person and a total #GirlBoss — she owns the successful black yogurt concept BLK 513 🍦 and is such an inspiration to me (… as are the two other ladies: Tin is with one of PH’s top local fashion conglomerates 👗 and Lea is an international airline pilot! 👩🏻‍✈️✈️). The level of badassery in this squad is something else! 💣💣💣💣

I cannot stress how important it is to have best friends that you can consider home base (they’re my home baes! Hahahaha). Even better to find people that are just as and if not more talented and hardworking than you are — to inspire you to really put your best foot forward and hustle!

Anyways, Abi gets married this January and we couldn’t be more excited. I want to reserve the full video for when that day comes so we can fully expose how wild she was. (Spoiler: she was not very wild). But, the adventure was great! So here’s a sneak peek of the video while we patiently wait for Mrs. Sy. 👰🏻💕

xx C

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