Kantori Yakitori: My new Grilled Japanese hangout in the South

We love new food discoveries. I was having this discussion with some friends about how there is no better time than today to be a young and creative, passion-fueled entrepreneur, especially in the food industry. We are at an era where hole-in-the-wall, speakeasy, and hidden are like magic words and secret places don’t stay secrets for long (…thank you, technology!). So when a group of friends decide to become restauranteurs, with a simple clear-cut concept on one hand, ubiquitous talent and the power of social media on the other, the pull almost comes at a guarantee.

Located at the heart of the food street of the south, the Maginhawa of Paranaque, Aguirre Avenue, Kantōri Yakitori delivers the promise of the pull and satisfies. It’s simple: affordable and delicious, grilled Japanese food and craft beverages, and a venue fitting for either family time or after-hours hangout.



Modern Japanese wall art. Spot the samurais fighting with skewers!

Let’s get down to the food.

If you’re looking to fill up and don’t know what to try yet, I suggest you head straight for the platters, at around Php 200 each, each platter serves a selection of skewer favorites. These are no run-of-the-mill, grilled street food, each piece is well-seasoned to taste, crafted to be a favorite. It shows in the plating and presentation, too!


Yummymono Platter (Yes, ang yummy mo talaga!) (Php 255)


The Yummymono Platter is composed of rib eye, intestines (isaw), quail egg, aspara bacon, and tofu tempura infused with a special salty, sweet sauce.


If there is anything you absolutely MUST try in Kantori Yakitori, its their isaw. Thoroughly cleaned (most important), blanched, and perfectly grilled, topped with Japanese caviar mayo (second most important), I now cannot imagine eating isaw anywhere else. I’m usually averse to eating anything like this, but the soft – almost buttery – texture, and the saltiness of this particular piece alone can guarantee me coming back for more. Cannot. Forget.


Shiro (Intestines) with Japanese caviar (kewpie) and roe (Php 40/stick)

Yummytori Platter (Php 235)


The Yummytori Platter is composed of grilled breast, thigh, meatballs, chicken wings, and, ofcourse, our favorite isaw

You’d think that just because the skewers come in ones and twos, they wouldn’t be filling. We came here here hungry and were absolutely filled! The Miso Corny soup (not in photos, Php 30), rice, sauces, and skewers, at Php 550 for two, we tapped out!


Odd, but pleasantly delicious with a fun breakfast aftertaste, I introduce to you the house-infused maple bacon sake shot (Php 75)5

When I said, “yuppie hangout”, I meant it. Their hip beverage menu and fun drink gimmicks (see Kantori Bomb below) add to the unpretentious, truly chill vibe of Kantori Yakitori. Yes, Asahi and and Saporro are available, Japanese beer lovers! ❤

To share, or to have alone (you will get through this!), the Beerkada Beergarita with Asahi, tequila, lime and syrup is a sweet must-try.

Top off the sumptuous street meal with the Beerkada Beergarita (Php 180)

Pia enjoying her Beergarita. It’s good for two but we had one each just because… beer-garita.

And in the spirit of Japanese drinking fun, try the quirky Kantori Bomb! At countdown, bang both hands on the table for the shot to fall down the glass of beer and go bottoms up!


The Kantori Bomb. Banzai!!! (Php 60)

See how this is done (a.k.a. how I obviously suck at timing + how slow I drink anything) in the video below:

Chef Kelly goes and says, “Iced tea!” She knows what’s up.

I believe they’ve made changes to their menu in time for their launch this September 26, but just for reference, here’s a rundown of their yummy grilled offers and beverages:

Kantori Yakitori MENU
Kantori Yakitori MENU

Visit them today or follow them on Facebook

Address: #51 Unit D Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes (yes, the old Charbroiled)
Contact details: LIKE them on FACEBOOK; kantoriyakitori@gmail.com (+63 2 3589079)
Operating Hours: Friday-Saturday 5PM-2AM; Other days: 5PM-12AM; Monday Closed

xx C

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