First Time Yoga with Certified Calm

Last June 21, the world celebrated International Day of Yoga and I celebrated that day with pioneer yoga retail store Certified Calm and the birthday girl Pia. The day before, actually, yogis from all over the world were already posting their best poses (also called ‘asanas’, apparently) on social media and the yabang in me couldn’t help but think that it was going to be an easy ordeal and that it would be no sweat for me.

That month actually was the time I told myself I had to get back to shape because I’ve already gained so much from all the traveling and the festivals. I was hitting the gym everyday after work and every chance I could, I would eat salad. *slow clap* So having been active for weeks already (with my gym sessions being highly strenuous ones + being able to do Flying Trapeze with some of my best friends), I thought that yoga would be a relaxing “break”.

Boy, was I wrong!

Flying Trapeze with Gretchen Fullido and Franco Saycon
Flying Trapeze with Gretchen Fullido and Franco Saycon

Flying Trapeze


Yoga is a great workout for both fitness newbies and hard-core fitness buffs. For fitness newbies who want to start leading a fit, healthy lifestyle—there are relatively gentle yet highly effective yoga classes offered, such as the more popular, Vinyasa Yoga. Vinyasa means “breath-synchronized movement,” and Vinyasa Yoga is a series of poses that will move you through the power of inhaling and exhaling. For hard-core fitness buffs who are looking for alternative workouts to complement their high-intensity workouts—there are more vigorous yoga classes with emphasis on strength, such as Power Yoga that is closely modeled after Ashtanga Yoga.

CERTIFIED CALM, a pioneer and leading retail store for Yoga apparel and accessories, held exclusive yoga sessions called “There’s Something About Yoga” on International Yoga Day at their Bonifacio Global City, Two Parkade store. We were invited and we got to try yoga INSIDE the actual store that actually converts into a studio!


Our beginner yoga class was called Yoga Your Way to Fitness, by Teacher Anna Manalastas encouraged students to jumpstart their fitness regimen through this gentle yet hardworking practice where postures build from one to the next in a mindful manner, linking breath, body, and movement.

It sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Ok, cool. Stretching. Downward dog, Warrior 1, awesome! Then, suddenly you find yourself forgetting to breathe and struggling for balance. Next thing you know, you’re afraid your wrists are about to snap! This is not easy!!! (I’m glad we had Toesox toe socks with the rubber sole for grip.)

I’ve always had that respect for yogis, but have always had this mindset that yoga wasn’t going to cut it for me if I wanted to get right back on track in terms of fitness, well because… it’s calm and I feel like it wasn’t punishing me enough. That day’s session proved me wrong. What I like best about yoga is that it encourages you work at your own pace, strengthens the core, and reminds you that body and mind are one when it comes to total wellness. Ohm!

If you do decide to try yoga or if you’re looking for great yoga apparel and items, go visit Certified Calm in Shangri-la Mall (Main Wing) Level 3 and Two Parkade, Bonifacio Global City.

xx C

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