Hello, December!

Whoa, what happened to the year?! It’s December already?!

This year couldn’t have gone any better, despite the little fall backs in the “2014 plan”. But then this post isn’t really for me to start reminiscing and going over my list of things of could’ve, would’ve, should’ve, did’s and done’s.

I shot myself today because if there’s one thing I definitely know I’ve gained this year, it’s weight. And although I’m not as fit as I would’ve wanted to, I’m definitely not as lanky as last year. (Cheers!) I attempted to get into TRX and Zumba, and get back to running but I kept coming up with excuses not to continue. I guess the plan for the rest of the year… and the years to come is to get into shape. Time to follow fitgirlsoninstagram or something like that on Instagram for more #fitspo, or whatever they call it.

Now, should I gain a lot more weight this December… I’ll have this photo to remember my physique and will dedicate a moment of silence to the past. SMH


Last month, I also got to try Wink Laser Studio’s REVLITE service. It uses laser to lighten, remove blemishes/acne, and renew the skin. Basically, one of the greatest skin services, personally. I’ve had bad experiences with facials. I used to never have pimples, but ever since I had my first one (place to not be named) my skin has gone extra sensitive and the pores became more visible. That’s not a good combo with my usual serving of stress for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 😦 I’ll write about my complete review on REVLITE in a separate post.


On another note, I’m currently in Laguna and the weather is terrible (thanks Typhoon Ruby). Obviously, communication is still okay (Yay, Globe!) but I have a bad feeling that power might go out. Ruby hit landfall earlier today and is once again testing the resilience, perseverance, and not to mention preparedness of our fellow Filipinos in Visayas and Southern Luzon. It’s hard to accept the fact that another storm of intensity comparable to Yolanda has once again come to our shores, but I hope we’re prepared for this nonetheless.

Sharing this bit of information, too, should you want to know more about Globe Telecom’s Typhoon Ruby #RubyPH network updates and relief efforts: http://globe.com.ph/bangonpinoy

Hope everyone stays safe and dry.


Hey, add me on Snapchat! It’s sinosicat, as usual. You will find a lot of lip syncing, slightly funny (horribly executed) jokes and pick-up lines, and well super selfies. And my other life as:

2014-12-08 05.44.13

… a homegirl. I tried, I tried.

xx C

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