TRAVEL DIARY: Bacolod Masskara 2014 (Part 1)

Capping off my list of festivals for 2014 was my very first Masskara Festival in Bacolod, Negros Occidental. I flew in for work last October 17, 2014 to celebrate one of the Philippines’s biggest festivals. I’ve heard so much about Masskara, and a lot more about the City of Smiles that I got too excited and couldn’t sleep the night before! I didn’t know what I was in for, but was “warned” of the cheap and delicious FOOD and the energy! (For food, I. AM. WILLING!)

Bacolod Masskara 2014 Street Dance Competition
Bacolod Masskara 2014 Street Dance Competition

If you didn’t know already, no, MassKara is not the thing you put on your eyelashes. I heard that pronunciation (mascara) a number of times as I walked by the extremely crowded Lacson Street, haha! MassKara is from two words, “mass” which means many and “kara” which means face.  The festival, which began in the 1890s, is held every third weekend of October and gathers Negrense (and now more and more travelers) to give thanks for the abundance of blessings. The week-long festivity coincides with the city’s charter anniversary.

That weekend, we devoured! We ate all the favorites, visited Calea (that will be in another post), Aboy’s, and more. Equally as exciting and as wonderful was the visual feast we were treated to during the Street Dance competition. I’m not going to go very detailed this time with the happenings of this trip, but I had loads of fun! I met new blogger friends, hung out with old ones, and took a lot of photos (and wish I could’ve taken more *cough*).

I’m still coming out with Part 2 of this trip, but for now, indulge in these:

I’ve got Globe to thank for a grand #GlobeMasskara2014 experience, as always. ‘Til the next!


“Will I still see you back home?” “I don’t know. Maybe.”

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