Good to Go: Basic Eye Make-Up Guide

I’d like to believe I’ve mastered putting on the kind of make-up that’s good to go from day-to-night. It took a lot of practice (at home, in the car, at the office restroom, or during commutes) and a lot of studying on Youtube and Pinterest. The look I usually aim to achieve is something not too heavy (and by heavy, I mean, looking like I’m on my way to a pageant or a photo shoot) but not too light that could say: “Yeah, I was in a hurry” or “Make-up? I tried, whatever.”

Today, I did a quick shoot to feature that exact kind of look. Disclaimer: I owe the glow to good lighting, but the Laura Mercier’s Foundation Primer topped with Shiseido’s new Sun Protection Foundation I used here does quite some flawless magic! The primer is also the secret for my make-up to last ’til God-knows-when. Hehe.


Before we get down to eye business, I’d like to also mention that for contour and blush I used my ultimate favorites (which I should probably buy new ones of): theBalm’s Bahama Mama for bronze and contour, theBalm’s InStain Pinstripe blush, then MAC Blushbaby. For highlights, I used Laura Mercier Highlight-01.


Personal preference, I always opt for browns and bronze for eye make-up. It’s hard to play around with color when you’re testing new techniques. Also, general rule for anything and everything makeup (especially to contouring): darker colors for areas you want to go deeper, and lighter colors for areas you want to surface or protrude.

I used theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Nude eyeshadow palette for this to-go look. Quick review on this product: it’s so fun to blend and it’s so pigmented!

  1. As a base, I used the blush-colored Singh all over the lid.
  2. Using the eyeshadow brush, I then added depth to my crease, following my natural crease, using a chocolate brown hue or Rosen.
  3. For monolids, a great technique would be creating the illusion of a crease by starting from the upper lash line, drawing a side-ways V to the outer corner of your eye, then back around the outer ball of your eye. The shadow should be right below your brow!)
  4. Make sure to blend the base color with this second color, best done in an upward stroke or in tiny circles.
  5. To complete the depth, add a color a few shades darker than the second around the outer corner of your eye.
  6. Additionally, you may highlight your brow bone and the inner corner of your eye with cream or white (or you can use the same highlighter you used for your face)!


For eyeliner, I used Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Zero Smudge Liquid Eyeliner. I have to warn you, using this product can be quite tricky. The tip is not the same with the usual extra-thin brush that comes with liquid liners, so it’s a bit harder to achieve a subtle line. Mine usually ends up a lot thicker than planned. Also, consistency wise, you’re going to have to go over it one more time so that you achieve the bold black color all through out the line. But, they are definitely not kidding with the zero smudge promise! :p

I don’t use any eyelash enhancers nor am I wearing extensions. For mascara, I used both theBalm’s What’s Your Type Black Mascara Noir in Bold Massive and Defined AND Tall, Dark, Handsome, Rich, and Romantic. Yes, those are the actual mascara names (and may or may not also be my description of the perfect guy LOL). Kidding aside, I’m in LOVE with these two mascaras. I just wish they were waterproof!

For eyebrows, I used the Body Shop Eye Brow kit. Lips wise, I opt for Burt’s Bees Colored lip balms or, if I’m feeling extra serious, I go for Laura Mercier Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Colour in “Sin”. 🙂

That’s pretty much it for basic eye make-up guide tips, plus details on my everyday make-up look. Trivia: I can finish this look in 10 minutes or less, too!

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