The Surprise of Oishi Snacktacular


I was still in Davao when they had this gigantic bag of chips sent over to my place. So when I got home from my trip and saw this sitting by the door, happiness was off the roof!

No, there were no giant Oishi prawn crackers inside. Instead, surprising new flavors like Ramon Bautista’s “Sweet and Spicy” Potato Fries, Elmo Magalona’s “Barbeque and Cheese” Prawn Crackers , and Daniel Padilla’s “Wasabi Ketchup” Veggie Chicharon all for me sharing!


And as if that big invite wasn’t “snacktacular” enough,  the jam-packed Oishi wonderland yesterday at Glorietta Activity Center overwhelmed me! Stars like Billy Crawford, Rhian Ramos, Coleen Garcia, and of course Team O’s Ramon Bautista, Elmo Magalona, Daniel Padilla, Slater Young, and Kathryn Bernardo were all present to celebrate the brand’s 40th year of churning out delightfully unique snacks and beverages!


From making your own O-Twirl (ice cream made of Oishi Choco Chug or Oaties Milk topped with your choice of Pillows, Sponge, etc.), to filling up your own bag with unli-Oishi goodies to take home, to creating your own Oishi snack — everything was truly a snacker’s delight!


Filled up this Bread Pan bag with a lot of my Oishi favorites! At the same time, I kept asking my friend Rod: “Are you sure I can get anything?!”


Photo by Ryan Ong @rynong


 The Make Your Own Snack stations

Now, I know this is probably not going to happen as often as I’d hope (once a year or worse, Oishi’s 50th year?), but this is me calling out to the Oishi team to make my White Cheddar + Cheese Ridges and Potato Fries a legitimate snack so that I don’t dream about it again tonight! 😦


I truly enjoyed the experience of being my own snack creator for a day. And while I firmly believe that my creation will probably be record-breaking for Oishi as all-time best-selling snack of the century, I will have to patiently wait until I can taste it again. Looking forward to more years of delicious snacks and experiences like these, Team O.

Congratulations! 🙂

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