Happy Mother’s Day: 10 Things She Always Says


Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful, beautiful mom! (Sketch by myself)
10 Things my mom always says:
1.) On me with my hair down: Denise, tie your hair.
2.) On me posing for the camera: SMILE! Babalina ka nanaman. I don’t like pics where you aren’t smiling.
3.)  On me going on trips or events: How about me?
4.) After a whole day of following her around while shopping: Wala nanaman akong nabili for myself.
5.) On me (and my sisters’) clothes: Hindi nanaman appropriate for the occasion!
6.) On boys: You know you have to be with someone (insert many perfect boy attributes here). I’m just saying.
7.) On any of me and my siblings’ careers (excluding Juancho): Why don’t you become a doctor?
8.) On pictures: Viber it to me. OR Don’t tag me. I’ll kill you. (HAHA.)
9.) On me going to parties: Don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.
10.) On any time of the day: Where are you? Please tell dad to call me now.My mom is one tough critic! But I love her forever.
What does your mom always say? :)xx C

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