Common Thread branch now open in Greenbelt 5


Common Thread, the stylista’s hub for color and style, has found its first home in GB5, Makati
My friend Mo described it perfectly: “CommonThread is like our very own Urban Outfitters!” It’s the place for all things in style but quite hard to find. (I’ve found my perfect white top here, a little bit more about that later.)
CommonThread is an international multi-label high-street fashion store that offers
hand-picked collections of basic apparel, footwear and accessories.


This day, the branch was jam packed for the launch!


Felt that I wasn’t wearing enough color that day! Just look at the beautiful interiors. I heard that the Terry SA office (the group that handles Capsule / CommonThread) was just as colorful and stylish. Should probably pay a visit!


QUIRKY FIND! Personally, the only kind of “iPad” or “iPhone” that I prefer seeing children with: chalkboard versions of it! I love them!!



Some pretty snazzy time pieces from KOMONO Belgium in awesome modern design. Cosmic and wood prints in straps like Fat Wizard, 80’s Leopard, and I Love Techno. The perfect boyfriend (or girlfriend, ehem ehem) gift!


I got to score some great stuff that day: a white crew neck 3/4 sleeve by Thread 365 and a pair of neon green Havaianas. Other things that caught my eye include the wire neck piece and Coloud headphones.






Spent the rest of the night with Martha Gonzalez of Bridges PR. It’s really different now that I fly solo as a blogger. I’m glad there are some things that never change. 🙂



There is truly something in the CommonThread branch for every style story. “Style stories” for me, are unique for everyone. It’s your own personal life journal as a visual, everything and anything that you wear and own  tell a lot about you, and describe you in more than just words. Style stories are personal moods, memories, ideas, and outlooks, it goes far beyond yet another #OOTD.
I love how CommonThread understands just that. I can’t wait for more branches. Congratulations, Dazzle, Lynch, and team TSA!


Bensimons in each and every color!
xx C

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