REVIEW: Cynos Argan Oil THAIRapy Products


Last January, I said goodbye to ombre hair. I figured that after a big year of torture last year, I’d give my locks a break. I couldn’t stand the roots showing so I decided to give Etude House’s Bubble Hair Coloring a try. (It’s hair color shampoo worth about P300 that totally works! I was too excited to start that I failed to take photos and do a review. I’ll do it next time.)
Now with hair coloring products like these, I expect that the color won’t last as long as getting it done at a salon. Though I did color my hair to jet black, the blonde base was most likely going to make it appear lighter in time.
The not-so-secret secret to that problem is using organic hair shampoo and conditioner for maintenance. Compared to all the other commercial shampoos available, organic shampoos contain less chemicals and are least likely to strip out the hair color.
Let me position myself here. When I first got my hair treated, I have tried and tried to find the perfect hair product for maintenance. Most of them fell flat in quality, and have left my hair frizzy and dry. Also note: falling hair and tangles. Like everything else, do your research before making your purchase!
A week after my Etude hair coloring, I started seeing lighter strands of hair starting to appear! I decided to ditch the shampoo of supposed promise, and move on to Cynos Argan Oil Thairapy.



That’s my hair color transition. The last quadrant (lower right) is what it looks like now.
The products from Cynos’ Argan Oil Thairapy line has this refreshing nutty scent, basically what you’d expect from argan oil. Just a little bit of history and press release here, Argan oil is a traditional cosmetic and healing oil that is produced by the Berber women of Morocco. Benefits of Argan Oil include softening cuticles and healing split ends. [Read more plus my verdict after the jump]

I’ve been using Cynos’ Argan Oil Thairapy shampoo and conditioner for more than a month now and I have not been disappointed. Hair coloring will ALWAYS dry out your hair and I’m glad I’ve found a partner that solves the issue.  After showers and after drying, my hair would feel light. And it’s not the frizzy kind of light. It’s the ‘virgin hair’ kind of light. Hehe!
Compared to the commercial shampoos and conditioners, I do have to apply A LOT more to work a lather and feel the smoothness. The length of my hair (that is way past bra line) is a factor, but without the usual lathering agents, normal amounts might just not cut it. Despite having to put so much, I feel safe knowing that the products I’m overdosing my hair with is all natural. (Don’t panic, it’s organic!)
UPDATE: I read that for some, it does lather well in small amounts. Gosh, my hair is THAT dry. Hehe.


“Those grown in the driest prove to be the most healing and moisturizing” — Morocco Argan Oil for body and hair is the liquid gold miracle worth Php1,200 (100ml bottle)


Now to touch-ups and advanced maintenance and more. If you’re looking for the ultimate damage control for your dry hair and skin, Cynos’ Morocco Argan Oil body & hair Thairapy is worth a try. Its thick consistency can be absorbed by both dry and wet hair. The product contains linoleic acid (Omega 6) fights against drying and ensures the function of repair. Salon Professionals also use as treatment to steam, blow dry and style.
Still with the same fresh nutty scent, the oil is a great travel buddy. Because it’s fast absorbing, it leaves your hair light and tangle-free (compared to the ones that make your hair look greasy and limp, ew).
Will I buy this product? ✓ Yes
(God, these are too perfect for summer.)
New York Times on Morocco Argan Oil
CYNOS Products are available at:
Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell | Bench Fix | Tinette & Co. |  Nail-A-Holics |  Azta Urban Salon | Louis Phillip Kee | Jimmy Lu Salon | Going Straight Salon | Creation by Lourd Salon | Salon G2 |  Freshaire | Jing Monis | Bambbi Fuentes Salon | Ystilo Salon | Salon V |  Elevation Salon | Folded and Hung Famous Salon | Emphasis Salon | Face 2 Face Lucky Chinatown Mall 3 Annex B
Have you tried Cynos’ products? Sound off your thoughts below!
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xx C

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  1. Hi! I haven't tried it. But these particular products above do really well when it comes to hydrating. It is, after all, their ultimate selling point. 🙂

  2. Qual o valor do kt do shampoo argan oil trairapy como faço pra comprar

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