It’s not too late to catch the Avon Fashions Intimate Apparel Sale!

Happy New Year again, ladies!

I heard great things happen on January. It’s that time of the year where you pick yourself up and go to the gym or start eating healthier food, (only to find out by this time if you’re really going to commit or not). Bucket lists get written, new things get started. And, oh I turn 22 this year! (Turned, I mean. I turned 22 two weeks back.)
The new year should also come with a new wardrobe. A change in habit, in outlook, in age, and in lifestyle could only mean an evolution in style as well. 🙂 The confidence a new set of wardrobe can bring is unbelievable. Especially when it comes to new intimate apparel.
Avon Fashions has actually been on an Intimate Apparel sale since January 16, 2014. It sucks that it took me so long to share this with you! The sale ends this Friday, January 31 so it’s NOT TOO LATE.

Avon Fashion Intimate Apparel: Angelique Underwire Convertible Bra

I recently got a few of their bestseller pieces from this sale. Avon Fashion lingerie has been one of my favorites since Mega days because of two things: comfort and affordability. And they throw pretty crazy sales, too! Some of my favorite pieces that you can get in this month’s sale can be seen after the jump!


Your younger sister will love the Dharla Underwire Bra. The  Brielle Underwire Convertible Bra on the other hand is made of blended cotton microfiber, something I’m sure any lady would love. The bold prints are so unique. I love it! 

My very favorite Vivienne Underwire Multi-style Lace T-Shirt Bra has multi-way straps that allow you to wear them in various ways—conventional, crisscross, asymmetrical, halter, even strapless.

A 2014 must-have: The Meg Non-Wire Reversible Multi-way Brassiere changes from black color to nude in seconds when reversed, providing you practical comfort every day, whatever outfit you’re wearing.

My beautiful plump Pinays should embrace their dangerous curves. The Jeanette Non-Wire Sidewing Bra has ‘bones’ on the side panel that help enhance and contour breasts.

So, how and where do I purchase these pieces?

You can ask your lovely Avon Ladies today for these on sale items! Log on to to find out how to contact an Avon Representative.

Thank you Louise of Buensalido for sharing this with me! 🙂 I think when they mean “be beautiful inside and out”, they probably ALSO mean “get some hot lingerie”. I’m telling you, it works magic!

So what are your favorites from the Avon Fashions set? Share them with me at the comments section below. 😉

xx C

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