Put down your gadgets and enjoy today

Hello!This is my first post for 2014!!!
Before anything else, I’d like to extend my late holiday greetings to everyone who has continuously supported my blog (and me). I hope you had a great 2013. Here’s to more wonderful discoveries and adventures to us! We’ve made it through, guys.
This year’s first topic hits not too far off. In a quick 2-minute video below, we see the heart-breaking reality of today.
Titled “I Forgot My Phone” and written and directed by Charlene de Guzman and Miles Crawford, the video shows us the cons technology and how these shiny new gizmos has well… stripped us of actually living the moment.
It hurts because we are guilty.
My friend Arnel even pointed out that this video doesn’t show everything. The kids in need of attention from parents too busy with their phones, the children missing out on good summer fun all because they’re glued to getting to the “next level” or counting their likes on Instagram, and so much more.
When has reality become all but something confined to the borders of our screens? Since when did  something that looks and feels realistic actually feel better than the real thing? When did “Post it or it didn’t happen” become law (or even logical)?
We are guilty feeling this unnecessary need. With each Instagram post screaming, “THIS IS ME. THIS IS MY GOOD LIFE”, we fuel to the fire of envy. Each “like” feels like a pat on the back or an applaud, or a “Wow, this is great!” or “You’re so lucky” or “I love you”, and it boosts the ego, it makes us happy.
“The best moments are the ones when we’re having too much fun that we forget to post.”
On one of my most memorable out-of-town beach trips last year, I didn’t get to post a thing the whole day. The view was picturesque, the activities we had we’re beyond fun (‘unforgettable’ was the word), and yet… not a single Instagram post.
Sure we took a couple of photos, but to take time to think of a witty caption, funny hashtags, and tag people? No, we didn’t have time for that. And we didn’t mind.
Gadgets down or else…
Try this new game. During meals, we put all our gadgets on top of each other and put it all in one area of the table. No one is allowed to touch their gadget or else they pick up the tab. If everyone gets through without getting their gadgets, everyone pays for their own meals. Meal time should be QT for everyone!
Being a good example and enjoying 2014 to the fullest
It’s only going to get tougher. With technologies like Google Glass popping about (imagine talking to someone but looking at something else), and social hang-out becoming nothing but web speak, we’re not only developing anti-social habits, but also teaching kids the same.
We have a beautiful new year ahead of us, and we’d all want to see it with our own eyes and enjoy it. Sure, the next greatest gadget always going to be coming and as always, we’re all going to be mad excited for it.  I’m not telling you not to bask in the glory of tech but you have to know when it’s time to put down your gadgets.
Have a beautiful, meaningful, wonderful 2014, everyone. Again, thank you for your support!
xx C

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