EVENT: Zedd in Manila

I know that we are upside down, so hold your tongue and hear me out. 
I know that we were made to break, so what? I don’t mind.

I kick-started my holidays with one of the most unforgettable concerts I’ve ever experienced this 2013 (one of the “best nights ever”, if you will). DJ and music producer Zedd returned to the Philippines for round 2 of intense partying (Boracay for Labor Day, in case you didn’t know the first). This time, he tagged along 19-year old French Pop/House producer Madeon for opening act.
Globe Telecom (yay), in partnership with Blackberry and Hyve, brought the ZEDD: Moment of Clarity World Tour to Manila last December 12, 2013 and got everyone going CRAZY! (Bias aside, you can really count on Globe to bring in the best acts. It was through them that I got to see DJ gods Steve Aoki, Fat Boy Slim, Benny Benassi, and Martin Garrix). More photos after the jump!

Ladies from Visions & Expressions PR

Reunion with 2 of my favorite OMG boys Kiko Tolentino & Mike Carandang

Globe Telecom’s Ken & Dong Ronquillo x

Gorgeous fellow KF ladies Maggie Wilson – Consunji, Parul Shah

Kids PLZ STOP PLZ. NO. (Insert photo of Disappointed Ate Selfie)

My sister, Mabby. Cause she’s old enough.

The ceiling was going down… literally. People (and kids) by the center were showered by tiny debris from SMX’s ceiling. Not good!

Due to last minute touch-ups, doors opened at around 9 PM and had opening act Madeon spinning by 10. After more and more waiting, Zedd finally started at 12 AM. Worth. The. Wait. The beats were epic.
I was pretty bummed
that he played Clarity AND Stay the Night by the middle of his set. I was expecting it as a tight closer. But his Alive – Empire of the Sun mix (one of my personal favorites) was great, too!

I’m seriously going to invest in better lenses and light for 2014. All I could capture was his (very memorable) silhouette! That’s about what everyone saw anyways.

A few days before the concert, Zedd announces on his official Facebook page that 100% of the profit from the Manila concert goes to charity (specifically to those stricken by typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan). He also shares that they have held 500 tickets to giveaway in exchange for a box full of canned food.

Charity is Clarity
As a PR/media person, tainted by the exposure to each and every kind of brand sponsored or “good PR” execution imaginable, it can be hard to believe charity acts done by big time personalities and celebrities as something truly modest. (Case in point: Justin Bieber in Tacloban)
But who am I to judge and raise an eyebrow on charity? Publicity stunt or not, I admire and respect people who display (…and NOT FLAUNT) selflessness and aid those who need it most.
“I have been waiting for this for a very long time!” Zedd shouts to the crowd during his final set. No plastics here. He’s the real (benevolent) deal. Thank you, Z.

xx C

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