Skin Perfect, Check!

In the magazine, we stated (more often than not) that beauty is work.

Whether you’re thinking surgery or simply sticking to a beauty regimen, no one really escapes the horror stories that come with growing up (or aging. Gasp!) And while we all wish we’d have some Benjamin Button/Demi Moore effect going on naturally as we reach our thirties, for most people, the years won’t be so kind.

I have to be realistic here. I’m in my early twenties and on the grind trying to be at the top of my game, I sleep late and admittedly have cheat WEEKS. I’m not very religious when it comes to morning rituals and night time regimens, sometimes even finding myself breaking some skin care basic rules of thumb. And all of these things take a toll on my skin. If there’s one thing about beauty you should keep in mind is that no amount of quality makeup can cover up bad skin.

Beauty is a lot of hard work. It takes knowing your skin, and being consistent with your regimens. You have to make time for skin care as early as now! So where do you start?

Normal, Oily, Dry, or Combination?

The normal skin type is not too dry and not too oily, it has few imperfections, barely visible pores, and a radiant complexion. Truly, a gift.

A tricky skin type is combination. It can be dry or normal in some areas, then oily everywhere else. This is my skin type, oily in the T-zone (nose, forehead, chin) and dry everywhere else. Over-dilated pores around the T-zone with blackheads and shiny skin as some of my biggest skin enemies!

Dry skin type has almost invisible pores, but the complexion is dull and rough. Those with dry skin types usually have visible lines and less elasticity.

Oily skin produces enlarged pores, a thick and shiny complexion, blackheads, pimples, and other blemishes. Oil blotting paper, please!

Now whether you’re sure about your type or still trying to figure it out, it’s always best to consult professionals before “self-medicating” or going out and buying the latest and most advertised skin care product out there. This is where clinics like Skin Perfect come in.

I visited the Skin Perfect branch in Robinsons Magnolia after my Human Nature trip with Mich last month. They invited me over to celebrate their 13th anniversary with them. The 13 years they’ve been in the business speaks a lot on the quality of their services and I wanted to experience it!

Read about my Skin Perfect experience plus my Interesting Find of the Day: Hair Perfume by clicking read more! 🙂

Skin Perfect takes on a spa-care oriented approach in making people understand their skin problems and the solutions available to them. This means skin care that’s all business but feels like a relaxing time-off. While beauty is a lot of work, you don’t have to get stressed over it! (Stress CAN lead to breakouts. Careful!)

All the best for your skin through the latest tech advancements and treatments, their services range from signature deep-cleansing facials to non-invasive services that treat you right with great price points to match.

I had leg waxing and a deep sea facial for my treatment. While I was not too enthused about the quality of work for waxing (I had to have the lady look at my legs again since she missed out on some areas), the interiors are beautiful and the staff are generally friendly.

I liked the facial I had done. Skin Perfect is known for their “Perfect 8” facial skin procedure. It consists of 8 steps designed to meet the needs of different skin types in a deep cleansing facial treatment. Starting with a welcoming ritual and facial massage to relax you, then progressing to a cleansing stage (brusing, steaming, vacuum, pricking, and laser) to remove deep seated dirt, then ending with a super relaxing head, shoulder, and back massage to relieve stress, the Perfect 8 was the best way to end the long day.

With Skin Perfect Marketing Manager Desiree Morales and Skin Perfect President and CEO Sheila Ong-Ching

We all dread the day that we look in the mirror and asks ourselves where the days have gone, cringing over early signs of fine lines and wrinkles. When skin is given care from the beginning, we might just buy ourselves a whole lot of time a.k.a. extended youth or, fingers crossed, find ourselves swimming in the fountain of youth. Either way, we better start working!

Interesting Find of the Day: Hair Perfume

Have you ever heard of Hair Perfume or Hair Cologne? If you get annoyed at the smell of your hair by mid-day from pollution or your smoker friend, or if you just had a long night of partying and your hair reeks smoke and alcohol even after a couple of showers, this product comes in handy. Available in two scents: True Happiness (the bottle on the left with glitters; smells of baby powder) and Beat of Heart (the bottle on the right; fresh and light spring scent), the two variants also contain 3% Betafin, a natural ingredient that controls moisture balance in hair. These can be purchased at Vanity Circle Salon branches (sister company of Skin Perfect) in Robinsons Magnolia, Quezon City.

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xx C

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