Blurred Lines

 Denim Jacket – Giordano // Black and White Grid Dress – Greenhills // Gold Lion Head Medallion Necklace – Girl Shoppe // Belt – Forever 21 // PVC Pumps – SM Parisian

“I look like Math paper!” says the Comm. Arts graduate. And that was that.

I caught up with my long time friend Ekai in Makati. We had quite a lot of catching up to do, it’s been years since we last talked face to face. Personal contact is always going to be the best kind. There’s only so much you could find out in one’s Facebook page, and only so much you can express through emoticons. I needed that chikka session. Ekai, thank you for also taking my photos today. 🙂

I’m also a grid print first-timer! I got this dress for Php 350 in Greenhills (…yes, again. Sue me!) and paired it with my trusty Parisian PVC pumps and black and gold accessories.

The last time I wore these pumps was during pageant training for Mutya. “Boot camp”, they’d call it. Tough times, tough times!

Channeling the Bad Gal RiRi through this chunky gold medallion!

Day was pretty bittersweet. Didn’t get to attend the Thread 365 and Louis Phillip Kee event today because of the errands I had to run. In a perfect world, I’d probably own an Aventador. Or a Jaguar. And I’d be everywhere without fearing for my life. And… there would be world peace.

Hahaha. Here’s to hoping for days like those to come!


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