True Religion

Pullover: Greenhills // Jeggings: Folded & Hung // Foldable Tribal Boots: Forever 21

I love Fall season for the jackets, the pullovers, and the boots! I finally found the right pair of combat boots. Forever 21’s mid-calf combat boots can be folded to just above the ankle, showing off its inner tribal print.

And Php 600 from Greenhills is this “Planet of the Greedy Apes” pullover. The area seems to have caught on this street style trend. (A lot of booths are carrying them now!)

Was supposed to get something slightly cuter (Jesus holding a kitty in the galaxy, to be specific), but I don’t think I’d be too confident wearing prints with religious icons.

The print wasn’t anything controversial, but the idea of the image of the Son of God on my sweater was something I had to think about. Crosses, I’m okay with. Jesus, maybe not.

Would you wear quirky religious prints on your clothes for fashion? Leave me a comment and let’s talk below! 🙂

xx C

4 Replies to “True Religion”

    1. I don’t think they sell these pair anymore. I’m sure there are new styles. But if you’re asking if I still have my own, then yeah.

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