Globe Tattoo LTE for Nomads Like Me

With an occupation that required me to be online 24/7, buffering, lagging, and such are some of my biggest roadblocks. Call it a “first world problem”, I highly value seamless connection for everything and anything that I do online. Jobs like mine (or blogging/vlogging hobbies like yours) exist because of the evolution of digital. I’m not even going to attempt to get political about it.

Now, speaking of evolution, do you remember that dial up tune we’d hear to connect to the internet? (No? Here, watch Homer Simpson demonstrate.) We have gone a long way from what now seems to be so primitive (2g), The hottest three letters around are L T E.

LTE: Almost as beautiful as this 2007 Lambourghini Gallardo.

LTE (Long Term Evolution) #naks rivals today’s usual fastest mobile internet connection (4g HSPA), the former being almost 4x faster. The 4G LTE goes as fast as 42 mbps! Goodbye, long wait!

The Globe Tattoo team with Dong Ronquillo released in a press launch yesterday the latest in nomadic broadband technology, the Tattoo LTE in Mobile Wifi and Sticks. All your devices can now enjoy the speed likened to today’s fastest cars.

The latest offering of Globe Tattoo: Tattoo LTE Mobile Wifi (Php 4,995) plus it also doubles as a power bank!

Again, Globe Tattoo collaborates with designer extraordinaire Kenneth Cobonpue on these sleek designs.

I was lucky enough to take home a Tattoo Prepaid LTE Stick (worth Php 3,995) and more than excited to try it out. I wonder how it fares in high places. The two Tattoo devices will be available this October.

Both devices come with free 5 GB worth of data valid for 7 days allowing users to stream videos, upload photos, play games and apps, and browse through social networking sites in lightning speeds. Afterwards, subscribers can continue the LTE experience with standard browsing charges of P5 for 15 minutes or through surfing deals like the new MAXSURF. MAXSURF is Tattoo’s volume-based offer that gives subscribers bulk megabytes (MB) of surfing, only using up the kilobytes loaded for each webpage regardless of how long subscribers stay on the page, allowing them to extend their surfing days.

From what I learned through the Globe website,  you can have your SIM changed to LTE for free (while still keeping the same number). As long as you have a LTE-capable device and either on post-paid (POWERSURF or DATA PLAN) or prepaid (through MAXSURF), you can enjoy Globe’s ultra fast connection.

Now it all boils down to comprehensive LTE coverage. So far, I’ve heard that these connections are strongest in larger areas (Metro Manila), perfect when I’m working around the city. However, I feel pretty bad that my HSPA+ signal hasn’t been so great in my hometown (Laguna). I wonder how LTE will manage.

Are you a Globe user? Have you been using LTE? Let me know your thoughts!

xx C

4 Replies to “Globe Tattoo LTE for Nomads Like Me”

  1. Globe LTE in San Fernando, La Union's pretty fast. I can download TV Shows (sometimes movies) in 30 minutes or less. ����

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