My Hair and the Battle Against Frizz

If my hair could talk, I would probably get an earful. After submitting it to countless treatments (both color and control) and more blow dry and ironing sessions than I can count, I really shouldn’t be surprised that my once smooth tresses have now become quite the challenge to fix!
See my mini hair diary (aka excuse to selfie) here:
Back in 2012, I had just revived my hair from a tragic cheap-o “relaxing” treatment mistake. I cut it short and now its back to virgin locks. Because of the shoots and events we had for Mega, it went through a lot of styling. But that wasn’t so bad…

Come Christmas late that year and New Year where A LOT of salons and hair services went on big discounts and press got a lot of free sessions, I got one treatment after another, colored my hair three times, treatments about four times, and a lot of heat styling. The last photo is my current ‘do on a GOOD DAY.

With a new chapter (yes, I left publishing! Will write about that one soon.) comes the chance to rest and revive, which goes for both my hair and I. I haven’t been doing so much to try to make my hair all better during the past months, and will now officially try to make things work. Dear hair, here we go!
I’m looking forward to going on a Tresemme Keratin Smooth retreat. I just recently finished my all-natural L’Oreal Paris Ever Sleek shampoo and conditioner! Ever Smooth worked great for me when it came to keeping my ombre color vibrant (don’t panic, it’s organic!) and during the first few weeks, it did make my hair quite smooth. But that’s the thing with unruly hair, when it gets used to a product, it reverts to its frizzy state. Then again, that doesn’t apply to everybody so take it with a grain of salt.
But you know what has consistently worked for me? Creamsilk Daily Treatement (in pink). Man, do not underestimate that product.
Will let you know what happens next in the coming days!
PS. So I TRIED to make a video makeup tutorial. Ala-Michelle Phan. It wasn’t so amazing. (Screenshots below!) 
Note to self: Buy high quality video cam and try not to look angry when applying makeup. Jeez, do I look like that all the time?!

11 Replies to “My Hair and the Battle Against Frizz”

  1. Jeez you don't look like that all the time. Haha. You haven't seen my hair! It's so long and dry and so annoying, it gets all over the place! What used to be a beach hair turned out to be, well you know, dead hair. Hahaha

  2. Hi ekai! Thank you for confirming that I don't look angry all the time hahahah! Well I guess it happens! But you know, Dove Treatments were quite good. Have you tried?:)

  3. Should probably do a close up photo. the ends are extremely hideous! But, thank you. 🙂

  4. My lady is going through what you went: a cheap salon experience which dried out her hair. She wants to cut it short now but has no idea on how it'll look on her. Can you post pictures of yours? You guys have the same face shape.

  5. Alright, but I'm not too proud of that short hair phase. But, you know, the short hair is becoming quite the trend! I'll let you know when I've posted. 🙂 Probably on my Instagram.

  6. I’ll probably try that Creamsilk Daily Treatement (in pink) you mentioned. I don’t like my hair these days, it’s so dry especially the hair ends. Hayyy..

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