Welcoming September

Look at my little project! It’s a work-in-progress. 
Maybe it will come to a point when magazine covers become as alive as this! *cue Harry Potter tune*
Photo credits to MEGA and Ron Mendoza of Studio 100

“BER MONTHS NA!” Had to let that sink in for a little while. I cannot believe it’s almost the end of the 2013. Wasn’t it just yesterday when people were worrying about the end of the world? Looking back, I really wish I blogged more.
Since it might take some time to get down to the details, let’s just do a quick IG summary! Here are some of my favorite Instagram posts for August.

My absolute favorite buy for the month would have to be the “Comme des Fuckdown” snapback from our MEGA Managing Ed. Sarah! As my work seatmate Mich would put it, “I’m fulfilling my gangsta dreams!” I think the trick in wearing snapbacks like these is to make sure to wear it all the way down. Please do not simply put it on top of your head. jeJejE! (“, )
I wore a red lace Avel Bacudio number to the Mega Mystique Masquerade Ball last month. It was amazing! A little trivia” it comes from the same collection as the red lace dress of Carla Abellana (aka Lally) on all the My Husband’s Lover ads. This dress, however, was a lot skimpier — I would’ve opted for a less revealing dress. But I trust Avel’s eye and I only get to be youthful with a model-size body once I guess. Unless I were some supernatural being. Or unless I ate better food and exercised more often.
I also launched my new service in Deviant Manila last month. I renamed it to #PrintHapy due to possible legal issues, but I’m almost done perfecting the whole system. Almost!
Speaking of not eating better food… I ate Cheetos this month. That is all. #monthcomplete
I’m also loving the new polishes from ANNY! Here’s Mich and Jeb fighting over the giant polish. I really liked how fast drying it was.
It was also my first time to work a turntable. As much as I dislike counting, I have a feeling that this might be something fun to learn, practice, and do part time. Should I go ahead and that on my “About Me”? Here’s what my mom said:
I also went out to buy ingredients for a Japanese Kani Salad once. Had to eat everything a.s.a.p because my condo is still fridge-less. This is me TRYING to eat healthier. I promise to work out tomorrow. Promise.
Also tried a sleek hair do. It’s clean and it works. Not doing as much this week though, there’s so much hairspray involved!
Last August 30 was also the 5th Death Anniversary of Twinnee. You’d think by now it would hurt a little less. It really takes so much time to heal wounds like these. 
Moving forward, have you tried Bono Gelato? It’s so delicious (and expensive). I got the Red Velvet and S’mores (a double cup) for Php 200. I loved the graham and the marshmallows in the S’mores and the Red Velvet was just so rich! I actually prefer Red Velvet in gelato now than on pastry. How groundbreaking.
This September, we’re launching the #MakingMEGA fashion documentary film, and we’re throwing a big South American theme party for the issue of all issues: the MEGA September Issue!
If you want to join our big fashion party, you can visit http://megastyle.ph and join either the Athena Slumber Selfie contest or the Lactacyd Revitalize Day contest. 😉


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