Throwback Thursday: OJT Days in Makati

Phew! Made it just in time for a throwback post.
This was taken June 4, 2010, back when I had ridiculously long lunch breaks with my TV5 OJT mates. Look at that happy face. Look at it. It has “FIRST TIME” written all over it!
My on-the-job training days were memorable because of a lot of firsts: first time to ride the bus alone (field trips excluded), first time to commute further than 500 km away from home, first time to buy slacks, first time to walk the city alone, first time I lost my phone commuting, and so on and so forth. (Back story: I’m such a probinsyana and total home girl. If you’d tell me 5-10 years ago that I’d be out late at night at events and parties, rubbing elbows with fashion and society big wigs in the future, I would’ve told you to get your head checked!)
The thrill we feel whenever we experience something for the first time (whether it be bad or good) is so unexplainable. And the good experiences, pretty euphoric. Like your favorite book that you’d want to read again for the first time, excited and not knowing what to expect on the next chapter, these first time thrills are something I would love to experience again. It’s all been quite a routine life for me lately, time in… time out.
I’m looking forward to my next great adventure and my next batch of FIRST TIME.

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