Ankle Cuff Obsession

If you’ve been following me here for quite some time, you’d know that I was never a material person.
But material things (and obsessions) are what make the industry I work in go round. The very idea of luxury and spending with the addition of the words “you can never have too much” is the air that fashion and beauty breathes.
For the past year and something something months that I’ve worked in this industry, I have never felt the need to spend beyond the wage (which is a very good thing, I should pat myself on the back). But what has rubbed off on me was the appreciation of style and simple elegance.
Those things aren’t supposed to cost so much, right?
I have learned to reward myself, bit by bit. By working in this industry, I have learned to also know which things are great investments. And, regardless of how tall I am, I have also learned to appreciate great heels.
Let me quickly share my recent obsession, which I caught from my mother Sarah (our Managing Ed)’s blog on MEGASTYLE.PH.
I’ve been eyeing on Stradivarius’ white ankle cuff pumps since I first saw them and tried them out during pull-outs. (I swear, this job). Somehow, at the back of my head I knew Forever 21 would make its way to this trend and make it reasonably cheaper. And it was by P500+, which is not so bad!
Double Ankle Strap Heels from Forever 21
Maybe I’ll have some more, maybe I won’t. Either way, I will let you know. But right now, I’m leaning towards the former. Just look at how these style stars look with their ankle cuff heels. Of course, they’re wearing the real deal!

Georgia Tordini in YSL Ankle Strap Heels, Karlie Kloss in Gucci Victoire in White, and Teresa Palmer in Pierre Hardy Spring 2013 in Black (Images from Elbows&Knees Blog and

PS. What have I been up to? 
Oh, I just recently finished a media partnership with Bloggers United V. Should’ve sold some of my things so I could buy… food. Or lessen the gravity of my rent, at least. Shoes, I can’t eat or use to pay for rent. (The last thing I want to be is a skinny homeless fashionista.)
I’m rambling here. #CatIsWeird


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