Travel Diary: Manila Bay Cruise

It was something that, according to D, was planned some time ago. I was about to take another cruise the next day for work, so we got on a boat before my job got another point on my Book of Firsts!
A cruise along the famous Manila Bay, enjoying the famous and breathtaking Philippine sunset.

The waiting game. We took a ride through Sun Cruise and had quite an odd experience. To cut the long story short, I wasn’t dressed for it. I could’ve gone in wearing a more casual attire.

We didn’t really expect much for dinner and it was right for us not to. The food wasn’t worth the shot. We skipped on drinks, too.
But for what it’s worth, the view was most definitely amazing.

Lower deck.

Sunsets and sunrises are my thing and I love the water very much. That’s me being trigger happy whilst charging my phone!


As picky as I am with the food I eat and all other things, the feeling of a new experience and bonding was pretty much all that mattered. It was priceless and amazing.

How can you not fall in love with a sunset like this?

You learn to love your country when you appreciate these things. Know your country, then travel and tell new people you meet about it! Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?
I love Manila’s cityscape. The newly opened Solaire Resort by the right is a nice addition, too!
Thank you so much for the experience, D.
xx, C

One Reply to “Travel Diary: Manila Bay Cruise”

  1. That's indeed one of the bestest ways to love the Philippines. I love this entry.

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