PORTRAIT: Juancho Triviño in Francis Libiran

Take a look, I shot these photos of Juancho with the Sony RX 1 and the output is amazing! The first ever full-frame compact camera disappoints us not with its high quality photos and astounding video performance. Aside from the quality, the camera’s design also looks like an old school lomo camera (which I love so very much). 
Will the Sony RX 1 and its future successors oust SLRs forever? Maybe. Maybe if it had longer battery life, more lens choices, and maybe if it came at a more reasonable price. At P139,999 it’s not much of a smart buy. But its portability begs you to reconsider.

Model: Juancho Triviño | Grooming and Photography: Cat | Double breasted suit by Francis Libiran

I believe the RX1’s market is really for the travelers  and if I had the money I would honestly consider! I’m really happy with the output. We’ll be posting the BTS video of MEGA Magazine’s April 2013 issue soon, and the whole thing was shot with the RX1, so watch out for it!
Hey friends! If you’re looking to buy a camera anytime soon, try checking out Clifton Cameras! They have a wide range of SLR choices at great prices. They also have some Canon lenses you can take a look at. (I’m drooling over the PRIME LENSES.)

2 Replies to “PORTRAIT: Juancho Triviño in Francis Libiran”

  1. Hi Paul! Francis Libiran does these by custom order. Those available are on model sizes, I'm thinking. 🙂

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