Capsule 2012

2012 was a year of many firsts.
It took me about a month to compile this! It kinda looks like an old school rap that goes on and on and on. Think of this post as a time capsule that will be buried under a number of 2013 blog entries. Then when this year ends, I can look back and shed a tear or two. Kidding!
So, here we go!
Last January 2012, I turned 20 years old, got a new job at MEGA, had a shoot for an almost BBP entry. 
February I got my first ever bouquet of flowers (believe it!) during Valentine’s in my favorite carnation flowers, had my 1st anniversary, and I helped organize the biggest event that year (MEGA YDC) at NBC Tent. J and I turned 1 year, this month.
March, I had the grandest time during Design Week and Manila FAME, set up Deviant Manila, and enjoyed my first opera concert for a cause. 
April, I had my first mall runway show, visited Nuvali Republiq Wake Park before it opened to the public, tried Toast Box for the first time, rode Globe’s Love bus to Makati, my first 7-page article on MEGA YDC was also published this month, and I also had a bloggers’ shoot with Maybelline!
Last May, my adopted kittybelle Ali turned 2 months old, Daniel passed the ECE board exams and had his oath taking, watched Dark Shadows with the whole One MEGA Group, was front row for my Philippine Fashion Week experience, went to Nasugbu for company outing, and met and went backstage with Klara for We the Kings!
For June, I finally had enough savings to buy my own HP laptop (Daria), had an exquisite dinner during the MEGA Pinoy Pride Ball, I also got to interview Kenneth Cobonpue, Cary Santiago, Toni Leviste, and many more big wigs and the article (20 Global Pinoy) was published this month.

For July, I ventured to Singapore on my first plane ride in 10 years, and I did this ALONE! It was also Daniel’s 21’st birthday.
For August, I had an awesome shopping spree at Lucky Chinatown Binondo. I was also relocated to the coldest area in the office a.k.a. Siberia / Iceland (and I’m still here, probably grew fur already). I also watched the legend Benny Benassi in Republiq.
September. I met my universe: ADAM LEVINE. I think that’s enough to sum up my September. Oh, I also got to set sight on the BMW Gran Coupe 6. Gorgeous. But not as gorgeous as Adam. 
October, I got to meet Rob Kardashian and Kylie Jenner via a press conference. I also watched David Guetta at the MOA Arena, and it was amazing. I am a new Alesso fan. I also have no words for Steve Aoki. He was the bomb. For Prive Style Series, I walked the runway for my boss’ shoe brand Vicencio Lacerna. And then there was Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012.
November, I got to go to Calauan, Laguna and try the Isdaan Floating Restaurant  and had a spontaneous trip to Cebu for Magnum and went on a little adventure!. I also had my first Keratin treatment. I was also part of MEGA Magazine’s annual gift guide, taking half page in a supplement for my DENIM trend. We  launched the new MEGASTYLE and had an awesome food trip at SM Southmall this month. 🙂
December, I rode the Black Fleet limo bus and it was an amazing plane-like ride around the busy metro. My solo trip story was also published this month on Travel Magazine! I’m glad a lot of people got to relate to my article, too. My brother Juancho also became a legit artista this month, with his first TV show “TEEN GEN” airing. I got to shoot with my MEGA team a very funny music video ala-Back Street Boys “Quit Playing Games with My Heart”, and then enjoyed a 5-day forced leave at home (which I regretted the payslip after). Part of this 5-day forced leave was almost getting into trouble with flying lanterns. Do not try inside your village! I was also blessed with another great Christmas, spending it with a complete and healthy family.
 Forgive me, this post is really for me to remember that I should be grateful every second of my life that I’m granted such blessings. I know there’s so much more that I might have failed to mention but I know it will always be at the back of my mind and engraved on my heart. It was by the end of this post that I realize that I should never forget the little things — that this life is amazing and worth living. I really suggest you make your own capsule post and share them with me! 😉
xx C

3 Replies to “Capsule 2012”

  1. A new reader here! I've also got my 2012 many firsts same with you but not as fascinating like you.

  2. Hi! Welcome!! 🙂

    I'm sure it was equally as great! 😉 Thanks for dropping by.

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