Cooking Delicious & Easy Italian Pasta

I’ve pretty much solved my “distance to work” problem. From last year’s daily travels from Sta. Rosa, Laguna to Ortigas, I’m now a skip and a hop away from the office. Unfortunately, my new home doesn’t come with free food or a cook so…

… here comes the cook books! I downloaded this great app on the iPad called “Photo Cookbook”, and I’ve been so excited to cook recently. Here are some screenshots from the app:

Last night, I made yummy Italian pasta. Here are the ingredients I used.
You can get Barilla’s Fettuccine Toscane and Cirio’s Provissta Sugo at Santi’s Delicatessen. Italian sauces are a little too bitter for my taste (…my Filipino taste) so I had to add spoons of washed sugar and a bit of salt.

For our meat, we had to do some cost-cutting: I swear upon Libby’s Vienna Sausage! It is love.

I boiled the pasta for about 6 minutes with palm oil and salt.

I sauteed the garlic in palm oil, then before it toasted, I mixed in the pan the tomato sauce along with salt, sugar, and sliced sausage.

Don’t judge our cheese! We didn’t have a cheese grater yet.
My sister and I enjoying our quick food fix, Italian pasta for condo girls!

Next time, maybe Fish Goujons with Chilli mayonnaise? I discovered this interesting Sweet Chilli Sauce from chilli product company, “Trees Can’t Dance” (what a cool name, right?) and it gave me great new ideas. I even found the recipe on The Photo Cookbook!
Do you have any interesting Condo Living approved tipid tips or recipes? Please share them with me!
xx, C

8 Replies to “Cooking Delicious & Easy Italian Pasta”

  1. Hi Ate Cat!your shots are so fab =) do you mind if I know what cam are you using? THANKS! 😀

  2. In the office, we have no stove, only a microwave so my go-to dish would be instant noodles with tuna. I basically take two packets of pancit canton, discard the seasoning, soak the noodles in hot water, then microwave for about five minutes. Then I take one small can of tuna (the solo-variety, usually San Marino brand) and mix it with the noodles after draining the water. I dunno if it's healthy, but it's damn good. 😀

    If you would like something else, you could try cooking some risotto. Saute some chopped onions and garlic, add a cup of uncooked rice, saute again until the grains are coated with oil and a bit golden. Then add some broth slowly (one cup at a time) or if you don't have ready-made broth, use hot water then add one knorr broth cube.

    It's important that you add the liquid batch by batch so it will cook properly. This dish also requires that you stir it constantly so it won't stick together (you're aiming for something that falls on the lugaw side of things, it's thicker in consistency). Add salt, pepper, and tumeric to taste.

    You're supposed to end up with a soft and creamy dish, with an occasional hint of crunch, since some of the rice grains will end up half-cooked.

    I admit, I'm no chef but this basic risotto works for me. Hope it works out for you too! If anything, I'll be glad to cook some for you. 😀

  3. I love the San Marino brand, had it this morning! Haha. I'll try that out. I read at a food site that there are ways to “upgrade” your instant noodles, maybe I should write about it.

    Risotto sounds great! I'll take your recipe and cook some next week, yea? Or how about we do that at your place? I'll go visit! ❤ Thanks G!

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