Condo Living: My New Home

Ahhh, I’m not yet done with my Capsule 2012 post! It’s taking so long, and reminiscing takes up so much time. So, let’s start 2013’s post with an introduction to my new home in Ortigas.
We got a cute Studio Deluxe room. I particularly like that the sun shines from our side of the building. I’ve been staying here for roughly a week now, and the walk to the office is a breeze! Here’s a tour of our little pad:

Pop-art Chandelier in matte canvas (P800) from Metro Department Store

More than anything, I was most excited about putting up this adorable artwork (that I bought a few months back) on the wall of our condo. I was going for chic pop-of-color minimalist, I think. When you’re a bit too tight on cash, I don’t really think you have much of a choice on interior motifs so I guess this works.

Wall clock (gift from my siblings)

Fill it up! Beige and Neon Green pumps from Primadonna

For our kitchen, my mom got light plastic plates so it’s easier to dish wash. (Hallelujah!)

For special dinners and luncheons (charot!), we have heavy plates as well. Thanks to my own kitchen too, I can now post more about food and easy budget-cooking meals. #JourneytoHealthandWellness!
We also got this small rice cooker (fit for 4) and an electric stove. To add to the list of small appliances we have so far, we have a water boiler! I’m still saving up for a nice fridge but I do need one soon.

We don’t have WIFI or cable so we’re pretty much stuck to sleeping, eating, or reading a book while at the condo. To supposedly lessen the loneliness, we have Turtle (pronounced as tuh-rl). It’s kind of a boring pet, so I don’t think it’s much of a help.

There’s nothing really special about our bathroom except that I know it will never ever run out of soap or shampoos and conditioners, so I’ll just show you our nice shower curtain.

The room is divided by this nice frosted glass.

There you go! I’m happy to be getting more MORE rest (especially because of the lack of WIFI) and to know that I’ll be a lot safer on my way home. I also literally skip and skedaddle my way to work.
Hoorraaay for 2013! Do you have any big happenings this year? Leave me a comment and let me know. 🙂

xx. C

8 Replies to “Condo Living: My New Home”

  1. My friend recommended this website to me. it's wonderful!It’s amazing how interesting it is for me to visit you very often.

  2. Wow! the splashes of colors make your house very interesting. It is fun yet very conducive for living. Im quite sure that it is a reflection of your personality. condo units may be small but you can still play around with its interior design. Good job!

  3. Thank you Patrick! 🙂 I'm really loving playing around with small spaces. It really pushes creativity!

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