TRAVEL DIARY: Calauan, Laguna

My mother introduced us to this restaurant called “Isdaan Floating Restaurant” in Calauan, Laguna a few weeks ago. Made popular in Tarlac (further north), Isdaan’s second branch puts the Home of the Sweetest Pineapple back on the tourist map. Surprisingly, what makes this restaurant so popular is NOT because of its food. And that’s not the only thing odd about this stopover.

We came during the holidays, but the festive vibe seemed like an everyday thing for the staff. There was no other word to describe the restaurant’s motif but “random”.
I tried to analyze: Buddhas, the Obamas, chickens, cows, dinosaurs, fish, gorillas, Bali-inspired huts, monkeys in astronaut suits — I could go on and on, think about it overnight, and run through it again and I still wouldn’t be able to give you a theme that ties them all together.
Dino eggs! Welcome to the world, Pia and Alisa.

First family, chillin’.

I’ve got to admit, the place is picturesque. Like an artist (a surrealist, to be exact) was given power over the blueprint and execution. I can only imagine what went on.

Did someone say random?

They won’t let you do this on the real thing!

Boat rides that tour you around the restaurant for free.

“It’s a restaurant. Was the food as great as the scenery?”
Well, let’s just say that now we know the reason why they had to build all those fancy things. The food was nothing special. In fact, pretty overpriced. (A cup of rice at a whopping P32, and P105 for adobo rice!) Check out the menu from Isdaan, Tarlac here >>

 We were also quite agitated at the annoying Christmas track that played over and over, that we were relieved by the sound of the marching band’s loud drums. Loud drums, and groups of singers would visit you in your hut and kind of oblige you to pay P20.

These girls have got the “entertain you some more” section covered.

We were pretty amazed at these little rice pots though. Aren’t they cute?

Feel like you’re in another country yet? If you don’t have enough funds to go to Bangkok or Bali for the holidays, you know where to go. Instagram it, and add the hashtag #travel #Bangkok or #Bali and leave it at that. Don’t worry, I won’t tell them where you really are. 😉
My two favorite features in this restaurant have got to be the:
(1) Giant White Buddha
No need to explain!
(2) Tacsiyapo Wall
Think Anger Management, think throwing and breaking home items from mugs to television sets, then think of a target, plus add a host that fuels your anger! I’ll need THAT wall in my future home.
Cheapest item to throw: Mug (P20)

Should you or should you not visit Isdaan in Calauan, Laguna? I say, you should — but prepare a big budget if you plan to dine. This is also only recommended for a day trip or a stopover, you CAN and YOU WILL be able to finish your “sight-seeing” an hour or so.
Have you ever visited Isdaan? Let me know what you think! Leave me a comment below. 🙂
xx C

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