Pet Photography: My Silly Kitty

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur!

My Alibelles is turning 1 soon. I figured I really should do an official shoot with her, but only during the night when her eyes are big and black (and adorable). More about my flash photography experience with my pet, and more photos after the jump!

Typical cat.

I thought the solution was easy. To do a little flash photography. But because of that, her eyes would always close, and each time, she’d get a little more afraid and nervous. Sorry Ali!

I had to face the flash backwards and diffuse it with an opaque plastic folder so the light won’t be too harsh for her.

But just when I’ve almost got it, my flash’s battery dies. I’ll try again next time. Meanwhile, enjoy these little kitten shots! Thanks for helping me out, Mabby.

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