OMG It’s Christmas

Last Wednesday, I celebrated my first Christmas party with One Mega Group at Seventh High in Bonifacio High Street. Our theme for this year was the VMAs!
Because I absolutely love people watching, and I was so entertained by everyone’s dancing and party prowess that night, I had to catch it on tape. (Tape? No one says that.) Here’s my mini unofficial party recap.
PROJECT OMG from sinosicat on Vimeo.

Photos plus more storytelling when you ‘Read More’! 🙂

Speaking of the “VMAs” theme, I didn’t get to tell you about the music video we had to do. I think I’m risking my life in posting these photos — but I think this is closest anyone else outside OMG is going to get to the actual video. We shot the classic Backstreet Boys – Quit Playing Games with My Heart.

Testing out lights with Rihanna.

Angelo taping for MFC 2. Ay mali!
Kitty and I playing with the macro light. Thank you so much Neo for letting me borrow this!
I do not have full license to upload all the photos from this set above, but I just wanted to show everyone that they were so fab during dress rehearsals.
Tinny and Jebby.
Our Nick Carter!
Backstreet Bryan.
Spot some lazy get-up!
The video debuted during the Christmas party. We didn’t place but — in my heart. Quit playing games in my heart, quit playing games in my heart, quit pla…
That’s not my beer, Dad.
Some of my favorite OMGirls: Ionne, Tin, Birthday Girl Mica, Angela, and Ge!
Photo of the night.

I had a really great time, no kidding. I’m looking forward to celebrating Christmas again next year still with the same group of talented people. Fingers and legs crossed!

As I write this, I’m hearing about the terrible shooting at a school in Newtown, CT. Innocent children have died. I really don’t understand how people could even do such an evil thing! Such ruthlessness has cast a very dark cloud over the season of celebration and joy. I don’t understand why people have to KILL. #GunControl, please. I’m praying for all the families that were affected by this tragedy.

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