Wanted: The Best Point and Shoot Camera

After three years of lugging my Nikon SLR around, I eventually got really tired of the weight. I’m a “I’ll bring everything because I might need it” kind of person and my bag is almost always full, so the extra weight of my SLR doesn’t exactly make me the happiest travel companion.
I’ve been eye-ing on several point-and-shoot cameras lately. The digital imaging technology we have today is spectacular (and imho*, SLRs are so mainstream) so it’s not like you’re sacrificing quality for convenience anymore. IMHO meaning “In my Hipster Opinion“.
I’m writing down and sharing with you all three P&S cameras that have caught my eye this year and sharing with you what I know about them.

I am a proud user of the SONY Nex 5N for work purposes. But because I share the camera with everyone else in the Editorial Team, I have to let it go (and I’m crying deep inside). I’ve been so amazed with the NEX-5N and its photos and videos are superb (I used it for my Cebu trip and for this MAC event). My experience with SONY automatically makes it the front-runner on my P&S shortlist. The price is literally going to blow your mind, though.

Blow by Blow: 921-k dot, 3-inch TOUCH display, 16.1 effective pixels, HD movies and great pre-set photo settings and options (including 3D panorama), and weight at 269g.

Will I forever be a Nikon girl? I’ve been very happy with my D3100 and I’m actually looking forward to getting a PRO SLR for my freelance. I’ve been really happy with its vivid colors and quality. The only thing I didn’t really like about was its expensive lenses (as compared to Canon) — but it’s a price you pay for great photos and happy clients. While I might not be needing the P&S for work, I’d still  appreciate great quality. Based on my sourcing, the Nikon 1 is relatively cheaper compared to most of its competitors.

Blow by Blow: Approx. 921k-dot, 3-inch LCD monitor, 10.1 effective pixels, HD movies (HD, slow motion, and motion snapshot) and weight at 280g.


Samsung Galaxy + camera? The Gods and Angels of Digital Imaging must have come together for this heaven-sent work of art! Colleagues have called me a “Samsung Galaxy ambassador” for my incessant promotion of the S3 and Note II at work and at home. *hint hint Samsung!* Not for anything else really but just because I believe in the product and its amazing technology. The real reason anyways for  cameras are for SHARING, and with the Samsung Galaxy camera’s phone-like technology (WIFI-connected, editing applications, as well as Instagram!) it’s like Samsung’s thought of everything for us! 

Blow by Blow: 4.77-inch HD touch display, 16.3 effective pixels, Android 4.1 OS, HD movies (+ apps), Auto Cloud, 300g weight.

You can also get the Samsung Galaxy Camera at Jessops!>>

Do you own any of these cameras? Let me know what you think about them by leaving me a comment below! 🙂

7 Replies to “Wanted: The Best Point and Shoot Camera”

  1. Nikon J1! Image quality is far better than its direct competitors. Even some canon people said that its IQ is really good.

  2. It's like how SONY's Nex 5-n better than 6 or 7 :O You're right~

    I wonder how Samsung Galaxy Cam fares though~

  3. Hi! Mine is company-issued, so it came from SONY PH directly. 😀 But there are Sony Centers and several camera outlets that sell the 5N, also online. The price range is about
    P27,100 – P37,999. 🙂

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