Seek Style Now Open!

My hipster friend / office mate is finally out with her own clothing store, and I couldn’t be more excited to share the photos with you!
The store is called “Seek Style”, catering to young and hip indie style-setters. Their first collection “Vintage Vixens” is all about the freewheeling fashionista, and the prices are so affordable!
Harem Pants, Php 260 (free size)
Sheer Bloomers, Php 190
Pullover, Php 400 (H&M, fits small to medium), 
Studded vest, Php 480 (Forever21, fits from small to large)
Jumpsuit with leopard print, Php 450 (fits from small to medium)
Paisley Top, Php 280 (fits from small to medium), Mustard skort, Php 300 (small)
Denim Jacket, Php 450, Dress shirt with llama print Php 300

Fringed dress, Php 480 (fits from small to medium)
Studded vest, Php 500 (Zara TRF, firts from extra small to medium)

Mobile: Tin Lagula 09275800740 or Andi Maralit 09175408803/ BBM 29f7c697

xx C

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