All Eyes on Firmoo

Finally! My Firmoo glasses have arrived! The world map design on the casing is so stylish I had to show everyone.

I found it so amazing that it came in a full package: with spare screws, nose pads, and its own portable screwdriver! Very thoughtful.

I got a full frame gold metal pair of glasses in a chic aviator design. This, of course, was for fashion purposes only so it didn’t come with graded lenses. The site I got this from, Firmoo, specializes in stylish and quality prescription glasses. Their aim? Vision & fashion the frugal way!

These glasses are incredibly lightweight, but it didn’t compromise quality. The edges are smooth, and the make is very polished and well designed. Fashion glasses made finest. offers over 300 styles of affordable and stylish frames for you to choose from. Customers even can buy 8 pairs of different eyewear on instead of only one pair at the local retail outlet or mall with the same amount money. 
Firmoo was very quick in delivering. I just had a little trouble because it went through Customs. I ended up having to pay just a little more for the delivery, but it was worth it.

First time buyers get their glasses FREE! Yep. All you have to do is SHARE the eyewear that you want, and all you have to pay for is the shipping fee. Get FREE Firmoo Glasses >>
I’m not so sure if this applies to the FREE glasses, but for orders over $39 shipping is free. Use the code: FREESHIP
Talk about frugal!

I’m very happy to have chosen this pair and can’t wait to match it with a lot of my other outfits.  I knew they would look right because has this Virtual Try-On System to see how I look with the glasses! They did not disappoint. If you want to check out the page and the complete details of the gold full framed metal glasses I got, it’s here:
Thank you Antonio and
xx C

10 Replies to “All Eyes on Firmoo”

  1. I always end up having trouble with customs whenever I get packages from overseas 😦 It's such a hassle. But I love the glasses you got! It's such a classic and yet very trendy 🙂

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

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