Bucket List: Traveling alone in S’Pore 2

Going back to my trip to Singapore, I spent the day with my good friend Abi (dearmnl) in Universal Studios Singapore. In my attempt to try all that must be tried, we rode the $26 round trip cable car ride.

The fact that it was sponsored by Angry Birds made the ride a little… well… annoying. Until today, I can hear that Angry Birds tune in my head. 
In my excitement, I wore my yesterday’s Orchard buys: H&M black pullover, H&M gold neck piece, and H&M hair bun. (No I didn’t hoard!) I matched it with my cute Nixon watch!
Hard Rock Hotel
The view was beautiful. I was standing 80% of the ride because I took photos. Living on the edge, I know. I feel so dangerous right now.

Looks like a dream tree house!
I ♥ Sentosa!
The last time I saw this globe was in 1999. I was 7. You could only imagine how long this child-like stare lasted.
We were very lucky to score off-peak tickets ($65 compared to $80 original price), plus there were no lines inside! We pretty much had the park all to ourselves. What a dream. 

I’d see this kinda photo all the time on my feed, thinking one day… I’ll be the one hugging that Far Far Away sign. And that day finally arrived. I had to stay a while to savor the moment. :’) 

Cue in “Funky Town” song!
Transformers: The Ride has got to be my favorite ride. ☺
Welcome to Hollywood! Population: Glamorous!  Woohoo Marilyn.
I actually enjoyed my USS experience. It brought back so much memories of childhood. It’s so different experiencing it now that I’m older.
After that, we ran off to a fab Ladies’ Night in Clarke Quay.
We went to Attica and Zirca. Although Attica’s considered the more popular club, I actually enjoyed Zirca more. 🙂
What a fun-filled day!
xx C

One Reply to “Bucket List: Traveling alone in S’Pore 2”

  1. Didn't even get to see youuu! I just found out you were here a day before your flight.

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