Bucket List: Traveling Alone in S’Pore 1

I don’t really know how to begin this. Okay. Here I go.
Last week was one of the greatest experiences of my life, and most definitely an unforgettable one. It’s actually the 6th thing I’ve crossed off my bucket list this year, and I’m on a roll! Last week, I traveled alone.
I’ve heard so many great things about Singapore. I knew for sure that despite what everyone has seen or heard of this country, my week’s of solo tales are still worth the read.
I booked this flight to Singapore early this year on a whim during one of those Piso fare fiascos. Despite the trouble I went through in booking (especially during the last few days before my flight), I managed to settle with a good schedule.
I double-timed my workload and set off on a great adventure.
My dad brought me to the airport that night. I have to admit, I was terrified. It’s been more than 10 years since I last rode a plane, and I’ve never rode one alone. Finishing with the check-ins, and paying all the fees and taxes (I felt so robbed with the crazy P2,100 total airport fee), I finally found myself stepping foot in the departure lounge, waiting for my flight to be called.
I showed my departure pass to the lady by the boarding gates and she goes: “Miss, this ticket is for Bangkok. The plane you’re entering leaves for Singapore.” Okay. Breathe. Breathe.
I was happy that it got sorted out quickly. The thought of getting the wrong ticket and booking the wrong flight drove me crazy.
As I walked up the stairs to the plane and sat on my designated seat, I tried to fight back tears. It was cold, it was raining, and I’ve never felt so alone. I knew I was going to be in for quite a week. Deep breaths, and a good 3 hour rest. Well, an hour rest technically. I spent most of the time playing that Logo Quiz game, trying to ignore the loud and annoying couple beside me.
I arrived in Singapore, giddy and all smiles. Yes, like a weird creeper. Smiling at children. Smiling at adults. Smiling at everyone. Smiling at everything. It was all suddenly so exciting.
My friends Abi and Krizia picked me up from Singapore Budget Terminal at around 1 in the morning, gave me the lowdown on what’s happening, and all the rules and regulations to abide and observe in this new country. No spitting, no chewing gum, call older men and women uncles and aunties, don’t tell them to “Keep the change.”, stay on the right side of the escalator if you want to walk or run, stay on the left if you want to stand, and so on and so forth.
Such an organized environment. Such a First world country.
My dinner, and my first official meal was ready to cook Tom Yum (which I absolutely loved), and sea weed wrapped crispy chicken (which I also loved). I stayed in Geylang East Avenue 2. Yes, near that red light district.
I couldn’t sleep. First agenda for tomorrow, eat at Hawker’s. Eat Hainanese chicken! Then, go to Orchard.
Lau Pa Sat Festival Market
Photo walk around Raffles Quay
Touristy photos: Baby merlion, Marina Bay Sands, and Singapore Duck Tours on the side!
Of all the weeks to book my trip. I had to book the week of NOTHINGNESS.
 It was in the middle of two of the biggest weeks in the country. The week before was the last week of the Great Singapore Sale (with the biggest brands practically giving away their products. 80% off, seriously?), and the week after was Singapore’s Birthday Celebration. In preparation for the big SG celebration the next week, Merlion had to be on break. So here I am, using my advanced editing skills to show you my vivid imagination.
“Well, I’m here now and it’s better than never.”  I told myself.
I love the weather and the city view! Touristy photo!
I still couldn’t believe I was in another country. A thousand miles away from my comfort zone, and venturing the world with my pink floral backpack like a true explorer, I felt so fulfilled. And the day wasn’t even over.
Agenda #2, Orchard road. I actually promised myself not to shop until the last day, but I knew that wasn’t happening. Oh the things I promise myself!
We the citizens of Singapore!
I’m actually glad to have caught the little sales left. The aftermath of the Great Singapore Sale left me with not much to choices for me to go completely crazy, but still more than (and better than, maybe?) the usual choices back at home.
Oooh, la labels! 
The busy citizens of Singapore.
Fast fashion forward.
My heart stopped at the sight of H&M. It was my first time to visit H&M, and I almost cried.
This area’s near Abercrombie and Fitch. Long story short, the store manager ran after me, said she “loved my look” and I was offered a job in the store. Glad to know my options! Haha.
Lovely cityscapes.
…said the tourist from another planet. Apparently, I was not informed. What is this sorcery? I felt like Pocahontas.
Day one done and I’ve already learned so much. I couldn’t wait for the next days. I never knew this trip would mean so much to me. Barriers went down, and my eyes were opened. Just when I thought I knew enough about the world, I was proven wrong.
xx C

10 Replies to “Bucket List: Traveling Alone in S’Pore 1”

  1. HAHA! You know, I can see myself in you when I first came to SG. Naloka ako. The country is just four hours away and yet they're so advanced! 😀

    Kudos for traveling alone! And SG is a good choice kasi 0 crime rate so you'll be safe there 🙂

  2. Hi Teeyah!

    Diba? It was like another planet! And it wasn't raining. OHMY!

    I was told. Thank you so much for checking this out. :”>

  3. Haha Cat you're so cute and funny. And oh, if I were in your shoes I would've said yes to that store manager!! Living in Singapore's better! Btw did you check out Bugis?

  4. that's pretty neat you can track a cab. Must of been invented by a cab driver's jealous wife, just kidding.

  5. Yeah I know! Well, it's good to know that offer is open for me anytime. :p The cost of living is high though. Yes I did! I love the bags they're selling. 🙂 Price is almost similar to here though, might try booking a ticket to Bangkok! Heard that's the place to be for shopping. 😀


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