Nicki Minaj in MLA

Or a Day of Pink, or The Day I thought it was actually Friday, or intelligently titled “Dat Ass”.
Could think of so many ways to name this fun-filled day with the oh-so-dope Minaj.
Press Con at Diamond Hotel c/o Globe and Blackberry, crazy crowd, Tin Lagula, and awesome intros!
The award-winning bottom that shook Manila. We got to lengthy conversations with this. Intellectual, still.

To memorize Beez in the Trap or most of her rap in general could serve as one of my greatest and oddest achievements. I *heart* her. Not just because of Superbass and Starships, could you believe?! *eep*

She sang most of her best rap collabs, including my favorites “Dance (A$$)” and “Bottoms Up”. Please don’t judge me. She, along with several other artists that do not exactly reflect my behavior and appearance, are definite guilty pleasures.

Barbie dream house. So cool how it appeared in 3D from all angles. Stocking up on Fire Burns for future use. Hopefully, never to be used.

Gratuitous Party-esque Photo of the Day. 

I love her with long straight hair. She’s smokin’ that way!

Time to rest my voice. I’ve got work in a few hours and I just managed to squeeze this in because of the hangover. Chef, cook it for me!

“To live doesn’t mean you’re alive…”
– Nicki Minaj

PS. Happy birthday, Cancer minimalist fanboy Mark Sablan! May life grace you with more kilig moments for life.  

xx C

2 Replies to “Nicki Minaj in MLA”

  1. Thanks!!! Had so much fun today! And oh, I judged you already LOLers. See you tomorrow!

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