Dare to Wear: Maybelline Giveaway Winners

Thank you so much for subscribing and joining my little giveaway with Maybelline! I wish I really had the powers to give all 60+ of you Clear Smooth BB Sticks, but alas… Trisha Chua, Carmela Deang, and all my Maybelline friends might kill me! Haha. So, I can only pick 10 lucky girls who will take home the BB.
Congratulations @jaeljimenez, @mistilopez, @camillexi, @BuBLybEe0129, @HeyaKhrazey, @cheskasdf, @iamRHZL, @yourbabypooh, @reishadavadilla, and @princesslouann!
I’ll be emailing you all on MONDAY how you can claim your prize. To everyone else, I give hugs and kisses. I know it’s not much, but…. THANK YOU so much for participating! I’ll be appearing in Maybelline’s Do You Dare website a few more times, so keep visiting and tweet me if you see me! There are also a lot of pretty girls on there now, too. If you like pretty girls, then you better go and check it out. Haha!
I’ll be coming up with a few more giveaways soon! I hope you all can still stick around. 🙂
xx C

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