The Definitive Indefinite Rules of Thumb

To feel the need to rant and lash out a few is only normal. As a blogger, you’re obliged to fill out the blank pages, take the posts day-to-day, and share with everyone what you’ve come across in the real world.

And some would believe that it’s too much.

One goes online and takes upon himself or herself the risk of being judged. We are all under the watchful eyes of those cowardly hiding behind the computer screen, as they wait for the perfect moment to pounce and throw you only the most unexpected comments and “words of wisdom”. Most of the time, these criticisms are true, and whether you like it or not, you’re going to have to listen to one of them.

There might be a basis, you know.

You may talk about inspiration and be able to use all the rare words in the Thesaurus, but without actual depth and meaning, it is nothing. Your writings are no different from the words of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance (Raaah raaaah). Except, you didn’t make it to the hit charts. Do you want to be understood or remain vague with your highfalutin and overstated sentences and be judged to be someone else you’re not?

You may be the simplest person in the word. But you share everything but your underwear to your fellow netizens (or maybe you have). There are things you don’t really have to say. There are things no one really cares about, and unless you’re Kim Kardashian, do you really have to press that “Publish” or “Tweet” button?

But it’s my online space, my personal slice of the web. I can do whatever I want with it.

Then you’ll have to be ready to face the music if anything comes about. While other people might tell you not to listen to “bullying”, there are criticisms worth noting. And more than anything, these real criticisms come from those who really care. Your “friends” won’t tell you how aweful u rite, or how each piece you so originally craft amount to total nonsense and gibberish. Your “friends” might even be those cowardly anons who so fearlessly lash you in secrecy. Who are you to trust, now?

To know the difference between a bully and a friend, a constructive criticism and a destructive one can be a little tricky. But you’ll know it in your heart. And when you pray, you’ll know what’s real.

I admit to be afraid. And it’s a pet peeve when you try to skew who you really are, and deny yourself of being a better person. This post isn’t meant to attack anyone, but is supposed to be taken as a CONSTRUCTIVE (hint) reference the next time you decide to concoct another word vomit on your personal slice.

If it hurts, then it’s probably meant for you.

xx C

2 Replies to “The Definitive Indefinite Rules of Thumb”

  1. Because of this post, I remember the time when I quit blogging for a while, now i'm kind of back.

    I realized that what keeps me away from writing is when I try churn out words that are farthest from myself… and the closest I am to myself the more, inspired I get.

    It's scary though, as you said: “One goes online and takes upon himself or herself the risk of being judged.” But that's what makes blogging more sustainable, and the risk is worth it.

  2. Glad you're back, Rae!

    The power of the internet is anonymity. And the best we can do is to be who we are. But the risk only becomes worth it if we learn from what we experience in this virtual world. If we continue to think that people only use the anonymity to hurt people, we're not really seeing the big picture.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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