MEGA Pinoy Pride Ball

Okay, just when I thought I only had ONE highlight for the week, here comes the MEGA Pinoy Pride Ball 2012! I’m so proud to have been part of this, and to have the chance to meet several greats such as Lesley Mobo and Cary Santiago!
I wore a Russell Villafuerte (Holiday 2012) gown, paired with SM Accessories and a Ienne book minauderie (c/o Adrienne Almeda). So in-theme!
Ienne’s book minauderie in Noli Me Tangere
Furne One‘s show (with 31 pieces worth P7 Million in total) definitely looked as grand as it cost! It was a feast of delectable embellished fashion that got us shivering!

And of course, the food delicious. Mo and I got our Twitter on to see what was being served next (c/o Sophie and Cheryl Tiu!)
With MEGA Advertising Executive Alexa Santico, TRAVEL Magazine Associate Publisher Mo Buensalido, Meg Magazine Associate Publisher and Deputy Editor Dazzle Ng
And accessory close-ups!
I absolutely loved the event. I never imagined myself being in such company that oozed with glamour and beauty. (I will not be fazed by this, though. And determination to succeed will not stop here.) Read my article on MEGASTYLE.PH:
Thank God I have great parents who are always there for me. They also celebrate (ironically, along with the country’s Independence day) their wedding anniversary on this date (and now on their 21st year). I love you mom and dad!
What a week. And it’s only a Tuesday!
xx C

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