June Issue

It’s event after event after event. The schedule is just too crazy!
Yesterday, I went to this Kenneth Cole NY luncheon at Makati Shangri-La. The timepieces were so beautiful and they looked quite expensive (yes they are) so we (the media) were all pretty shocked that they gave everyone their own KCNY wristwatch from their “Transparency” collection! It felt like an Oprah show. Patricia Hizon, the host, tells me she loves it when she gets to play Oprah.
I actually got myself a different kind of watch from all the others. While they got the leather strapped ones, I got the stainless steel with the Schwarovski, and I got my watch before everyone else. I’ve never worn anything as beautiful on my wrist in my life! The designer, David Smordoni signed all our boxes after the event.
Today, I also got my copy of MEGA MAGAZINE JUNE! It’s our annual Pinoy Pride issue that highlights all things we love and need to know about our country and culture. And that’s Sarah Geronimo on the cover, wearing Avel Bacudio whites.

I will always remember this issue as the one that got Meryll (MEGA’s Publisher & Deputy Editor) and I going crazy. We tag-teamed for this feature: 20 Global Pinoys.

It was great to have met some of these wonderful Filipinos that really make you PROUD to be Pinoy, and won’t forget the important lessons that they have all taught me. DEDICATION and HARD WORK were common among them. No longer is my famous inspiration JUST the Mother Monster. I got myself 20 new people to look up to! 🙂

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The feeling I get when I have my works printed and made to one I can touch and feel is so unexplainable and magical. I swear.
Please do grab a copy of MEGA’s JUNE PINOY PRIDE ISSUE!
Also, don’t forget to visit http://megastyle.ph and get your daily fashion fix.
Hay, I can do this! Aja!
xx C
ps. If anyone knows a nice affordable place to stay (rent) in Ortigas, preferably near Strata 100, please leave me a message! I need a place soon.

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