Philippine Fashion Week

I’m running out of breath. This was the first time I attended ALL the shows for Philippine Fashion Week, and I have to say that it’s one crazy ride! I’ve learned so much more about fashion this week than I ever did in my entire life.
Plaid and all on Dodjie Batu’s men’s wear collection!

MEGA Fashion Crew winner Angelo Ramirez deCartagena and Meg Magazine Fashion Assistant LA Ferriols

MEGA Creative Director Suki Salvador and Publisher Meryll Yan

Albert Andrada uses porcelain to embellish his Chinese royalty inspired collections. 

I used to be so afraid to talk about which designs I loved and didn’t. This was because the fashion world is so tricky, and if I judged based on my aesthetic (that then knew nothing about the craft of fashion) I feel like I might be given the eye-roll or the SMH by those who matter. But my work requires me to be vocal about my thoughts, and I then realize that the criteria is plain simple:
Basing it on the design’s context, would I wear it?

Butz Fuentes’ Birds in a Cage collection
This is me, front row with LA Ferriols and Angelo Decartagena, as spotted by Renan Pacson… poker-facing. Hello.
This experience was definitely a first. And has definitely geared me for the next season.
Renan Pacson Long Vest + Vintage velvet lbd + F21 Suede wedge boots
Note to self: Charge, recharge, eat a lot, buy spare batteries and memory cards, and bring a thesaurus to figure out other ways to say the words design, style, clothes, and beautiful.
xx C

2 Replies to “Philippine Fashion Week”

  1. Lucky you! I haven't had the chance to watch one of these shows. Maybe next year. Haha!

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